And so it begins…

(Originally posted September 3, 2006)

Greetings, readers. These shall be the postings of Drew Justice. Here we’ll provide insightful analysis that you won’t find anywhere else. Welcome aboard.

Derek (the professional fighter) left for the Far East this weekend on some sort of secret mission. He won’t be back until next semester. Before his send-off, Rama called me up on Friday night, and we and several friends went to J. Alexanders – which is a pretty nice place.

While we were heading to Cold Stone Creamery afterward, we came across a store called “Dollar Deals – Nothing over $1,” or something like that. Derek and I began discussing the economics of Dollar Deals. A dollar doesn’t buy very much; due to inflation, a dollar buys less and less with each passing year! Dollar Deals couldn’t change its name to “$1.03 Deals” just because inflation raised all prices by 3 percent. That would be pretty lame.

So therefore, we decided, dollar stores (which can’t raise prices) will continually sell cheaper and cheaper goods, until eventually you can’t buy ANYTHING for a dollar anymore. Or at least that’s what it will seem like. Then dollar stores will just sell the suckiest junk you can find. And they probably won’t be called good names like “Dollar Deals” anymore. They’ll become “Toothpicks R Us,” and they’ll only sell toothpicks – for a dollar. That is actually what will happen. We learn about these things in the Economics Department at Rhodes.

Of course, toothpicks aren’t so bad if you really think about it. You can get those flavored ones, like minty or cinnamon. A few more toothpicks like that could be a very good thing indeed.

In other news, I saw The Class of ’98 perform again when they came to town last night. Those guys just rock my socks. Last night some girls that I ran into showed me the movie “I heart Huckabees.” It was rather odd – but strangely interesting. If you really consider it, isn’t that the way all of life should be? Something to ponder.

Until next time.

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