Christmas songs and biological war

(Originally posted December 4, 2006)

Ok, let’s discuss an important issue — Christmas songs. They have already begun to monopolize some of the radio stations I listen to. Not only that, but it’s been happening for over a week now! Christmas songs are fine and all, but we don’t need an entire month (or more) of them. I especially despise the sappy, secular, slow-paced Christmas love songs. Bah, humbug! (At least give me “Oh Holy Night” or something.)

Speaking of music, Chris and I went to go see fORMER perform at Neil’s on Friday. They were pretty impressive live. The two bands playing before them were good, too. In honor of fORMER’s greatness (and because I am a grinch), their song will remain on my profile a while longer. I pledge that this profile will contain no Christmas songs for at least another week!

Most of that school nonsense I told you about last week passed by without too much trauma.

As far as American college life, paper due dates are approaching, and final exams remain just around the corner. Most students across the country are buckling down and studying hard. At Rhodes, of course, we have more important things to worry about  Things like paintball.

A couple weeks ago, the International Studies department received the following email from one of the biology professors:

<<Congratulations on your paintball article in the student newspaper.  However, I must admit your teams look rather timid and lame.  Clearly your students lack experience, and could use lessons in paintball tactics.  The Physiology class would be happy to provide paintball lessons to both your teams….Of course, I would entirely understand if you refuse.  In your situation, I would probably decline, fearing for my own safety.>>

So yesterday my I.S. colleagues and I took up arms again to defend our honor — as well as freedom and justice. We were able to recruit slightly superior numbers, whereas the other team had automatic weaponry. Fortunately, our amazing tactics and bravery won out, and we handily defeated Biology in 3 out of 4 games. After such ignominious defeat, several of the Biowarriors would not continue fighting so Biology had to surrender. (Then we reshuffled the teams to make things fair and played some more.) International Studies students are rul0rz of the w0rld.


By the way, some chump hacked my [Myspace] profile last week. You would get this msg saying, “Click to run an Active-X script” or something. And none of the myspace links worked anymore. Then at the top he put an advertisement for a graphics website. Grrr. I fixed the problem. Of course, now all the black tables are gone so it’s kinda hard to read the yellow letters, but oh well.

Good luck with exams, everyone!


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