Farewell to Rhodes

(Originally posted May 18, 2007)

Mwahaha, I am done with Rhodes!

As of today, I’ve been home for almost a week, but last weekend I finally graduated from college. Next Destination: University of Tennessee College of Law. Should be exciting! In the mean time, my primary task is to come up with some cool stuff to do. Let me know if you think of anything.


Before graduation, Professor Romano and I decided to hunt for those wretched coyotes. Those sons of b**ches ate his cat, and we were after them with a vengeance. With my trusty hunting bow and eyes peeled, I ventured into the forest. Romano brought his new gun he bought from Wal-Mart specifically for this purpose.

It wasn’t long before we lost sight of his house. The dense foliage impaired our vision, and then the sun set, worsening the situation. But we kept going. Finally, I heard a clear coyote howl off to my right. Without thinking, I darted off alone into the darkness. “Drew, NO!” called out my professor. But I didn’t listen. A moment later, a dozen of the monsters surrounded me. Their gleaming teeth reflected the moonlight. I prepared to fight them off single-handedly, but then a gunshot rang through the woods and frightened them off. Seconds later, Romano appeared. But by then, the beasts had scattered.

Next time, coyotes…Next time.

There were lots of parties and activities for the graduating seniors last week, and I went to most of them. On Friday, my parents came to town for graduation. After the ceremonies, my family went to the zoo and said so long to a few of my favorite Memphis restaurants.

I’ve mainly been chillin’ since I’ve been home. I did attend a reception in Nashville for upcoming UT law students, though, and I met a few fun people. Also, the air conditioner in my car is now fixed. I saw fORMER and PJones play again at a bar called On the Rocks. As always, they were awesome. Nashville summer leagues for ultimate Frisbee should start up next week. I’ll let you know as soon as more exciting events occur!

Shown below — Romano, prior to our quest for justice.



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