Fundamental rights

(Originally posted October 19, 2006)

Good evening, readers.

As you all know, it is election season, and many important issues are coming before us, the voters. Tonight we will be talking about one very important issue that has come to my attention: Pit bulls. Some people mistakenly think that pit bulls are crazy, dangerous animals that should be restricted or banned.

A sting ray, now THAT’S a crazy, dangerous animal. There was another sting ray attack today. If anything, we should probably start a war against the sting rays. We could avenge Steve Irwin’s death and eliminate the sting ray threat once and for all! But that’s an issue we’ll have to discuss another time.

Back to pit bulls. Laws against pit bulls are called Breed-Specific Legislation (BSL). The facebook group, “Hate the DEED Not the BREED,” lists some examples, and cites: “Many cities around the country already dont allow pit bulls. Those pits that are found in these banned areas are exterminated.”

Now let’s get serious: These dogs should not be banned. Pit bulls don’t kill people, people do. Well, actually, some pit bulls do kill people, but those are exceptions. Most pit bulls are benevolent, friendly creatures. Not at all like stingrays, or squirrels.

Besides, if we outlaw pit bulls, only the outlaws will have pit bulls. Where will we be then? Just imagine yourself in a dark alley late at night. An insane maniac with a pit bull comes at you. You reach to unleash your own pit bull against him in self-defense, but then you remember that the government already confiscated your pit bull. Now you’re really up a creek.

And think about what would happen if the country were invaded. How would we fight off the attackers if we were all deprived of our pit bulls? What checks can we the people have to prevent own government from becoming tyrannical once the government deprives us of our right to own pit bulls? Something to think about.

Back on the home front at Rhodes, my four midterm tests in two days passed without serious incident. After all the work was done last week, we had a four-day Fall Break weekend. I drove home to Franklin and also visited the UT law school and some friends in Knoxville.

I saw a few good movies over the break, including one independent documentary (America: Freedom to Fascism) that said people do not have to pay taxes. Further research showed that the movie was, in fact, wrong.

I also saw The Departed, a mafia movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Jack Nicolson, and some other cool famous people. That movie was really hard core. School for Scoundrels was good, too.

Anyway, Fall Break is over now, and the semester is back in session. Hip hip hurray for Rhodes College!




Jeremy posted,
“Now if only we were allowed to have polar bears. They would so own the scoundral’s aggressing pit bull.” (10-23-2006, 9:09 pm)

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