Heartwarming holiday analysis

(Originally posted December 24, 2006)

Good evening, everyone. I hope everyone is enjoying the Christmas holiday weekend so far. I just got back home from seeing the Nashville Predators (hockey) dominate Los Angeles in a 7-0 victory. It was pretty great!

Since I’ve been back home, I’ve been mostly working at Waller Lansden Dortch & Davis again — the place I worked last summer. As usual, the job makes me get up really early in the morning, which is not good. I did make it back to the firm just in time for the annual Christmas party, though. They had lots of alcohol, an ice-sculpted cactus, and a bucket full of those little Lindor chocolate things. Man, you should have been there. That was a party.

I am happy to report that my multiple law school applications are almost done.

This time of year reminds me of a wonderful lesson I learned in Dr. Arce’s Managerial Economics class: Holidays are actually a large waste of money. While the country spends tens of billions of dollars around the holidays, much of that money is spent on items for others, some of which are unwanted. Collectively, the deadweight loss from these unwanted gifts amounts to billions of dollars annually. This lesson comes from The Economist so it has to be true. (For more info, see http://www.economist.com/finance/displayStory.cfm?Story_ID=885748.) DISCLAIMER: I am not saying the world would be a better place if Jesus had never come to earth. So if you’re going to get people Christmas presents, make sure they’re good ones! (Giving sentimentally valuable gifts or money can eliminate the problem entirely.)


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