Justice and prosperity

(Originally posted January 15, 2007)

Good evening, readers. I’m glad to have you all join us this week for the Drew Blog.

This past week I made it back to Rhodes — the most fantastic college ever — safe and sound. Some various cool things have happened so far. There was a smart guy from the World Bank named Dr. Easterly who gave an economics lecture. The lecture was called “Can Foreign Aid End World Poverty?” It turns out that it can’t. Of course, the World Bank fired him after he wrote his book. Go figure.

Economists don’t ever have faith in centralized, government efforts to eradicate poverty because such measures almost always lack the proper incentives to achieve results. Corruption eats away at foreign aid, and a lack of monitoring means that money continues to flow toward unproductive projects. In any case, the idea of eradicating poverty is a bit quixotic. I recall a wise man once saying, “The poor you will always have with you…but you will not always have me.”

Once we’re done with getting rid of poverty, maybe we can eradicate unhappiness and ignorance, too.

As you know, we just had a long weekend. Actually, for me every weekend is long because I don’t have classes on Fridays. But this one was really long. Today we celebrated the life of Martin Luther King. Everyone is entitled to a few mistakes so we’ll just have to forget about little things like King’s rhetoric favoring communist Vietnam and his support of socialist schemes. After all, it’s good to celebrate peace. The world could use a little more reasoned dialogue and a little less violent coercion. (Socialism is violent coercion, but w/e…)

Whereas some people might get annoyed that King gets his own holiday while so many other important people do not, any excuse to get out of school is fine by me. So as they say in jolly old England, Long live the King!

Real equality, of course, means that no one is above the law. In Kuwait, a member of the ruling family was just convicted of drug trafficking and other assorted crimes. It’s good to see that their courts work fairly. On top of Prince Talal’s death sentence, he has also has to pay a $35,000 fine. Dang.

This weekend I went to an RCF retreat where we focused on the topic of Christian community. Then I got back and went to dinner with Rama and Derek. Derek just recently got back from his work in the Far East, and he had some interesting tales. Last night I got invited to Adam Teer’s awesome get-together and briefly attended the PKA techno party.

School is back in session now. Until next time, everyone.


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