(Originally posted February 07, 2007)

Ok, so the other day I was standing in line at Schnuck’s. Then I saw this candy just standing there, on sale for only $.69. It looked so good. I figured, hey I’ll try out this new candy called Mamba. What’s the worst that could happen? Boy was I wrong.

It’s supposed to be a fruity-flavored candy, kind of like Starburst. It’s chewy. But then it has this one flavor. This flavor tastes like lemon-flavored, weakly banana-tasting taffy. The other flavors are not much better.


The problem is that it’s so un-good, it’s actually bad. In the Economics Department at Rhodes College, we would refer to this phenomenon as “negative utility.” (Actually, we don’t ever really talk about that, but that’s how I’m going to refer to it.) While the candy cost me $.69, I still might have gained from the exchange if I had gained more than $.69 worth of happiness. The problem is, I actually lost happiness from eating Mamba. It even took a great deal of effort on my part to walk over to the garbage can and throw it away. All in all, I calculate that Mamba is worth about negative 30 cents. Buy at your own risk.

Of course, paying 69 cents for something worth -30 means that I was out almost an entire dollar from the purchase. And there’s a lot you can do with a dollar. Ok, maybe not. But one thing you can do is buy a single song from Napster. Those songs are great. Speaking of Napster, all my Napster songs (which I paid for) stopped playing this past week. I’m still working on getting that fixed. Their customer support guy was pretty nice on the phone, tho.

Aside from buying defective products, I’ve spent these past couple of weeks pursuing a broad assortment of activities. Last Thursday I went on an adventure to Birmingham to interview at Samford’s law school. I had an interesting time. The admissions people introduced me to a man called “the Judge” who runs the school. Rumor has it that he will actually send you to jail if you come to his class unprepared.

Speaking of power: In Venezuela, the latest news is that Hugo Chávez has been granted special power to rule by decree for the next several years. I guess that’s good. Now he won’t have to worry about mundane annoyances like checks and balances or the will of the governed. This new plan will be far more convenient than the old, traditional way of doing things.

As you all know, this DREW BLOG is two weeks from the last one. Sorry about that delay! I’ve been rather busy saving the world. Speaking of which, I should probably get started on my international studies paper…

But I don’t think I ever claimed to actually do work at Rhodes.

By the way, this past weekend I saw Pan’s Labrynth. It really rocked my socks. Think of it as a less comedic and less dark, higher-quality, Spanish-speaking version of The Brother’s Grimm. It’s even got cool political stuff in it like communists fighting fascists. It’s a good movie. Go watch it.

Until next week, readers. This time I mean it! I think.




HANNAH posted,
“The Mamba sounds like something I would eat. You should use, you can get songs for 10 cents or so. I agree about Pan’s Labyrinth. Even despite the face-smashing, hand-crushing, and fairy-beheading, it had some really cool metaphors and the story was great.”
(2-08-2007, 9:05 pm)


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