New beginning

(Originally posted January 8, 2007)

Glad to have you all join us for the first Drew Blog of the New Year!

On New Year’s Eve, a large assortment of friends spontaneously assembled at my house. That was fun. My friend Jeremy is finally back from his work deep undercover on the Korean Peninsula, and his family came over for dinner the next day.

So far the year is off to a good start. I even got my computer to stop making that weird fan noise and stop turning off randomly.

Movie-wise, I saw Eragon last week. Weak is actually a pretty good word to describe it. About the only really good thing about that movie is the new Avril Lavigne song (“Keep Holding On”) in the soundtrack. That girl truly rocks my world. In case you’re wondering, yes, I was devastated when I heard that she got married over the summer.

There was a lot of hoopla recently about Saddam’s hangmen being “disrespectful” to him in his last moments. Last night, I had a dream about when they were executing Hitler. As they were marching Adolf up to the gallows, a bunch of Jews in the crowd started chanting, “Anne Frank, Anne Frank, Anne Frank.” Of course, when it happened in my dream, no one really cared. Probably some of you will counter that none of this actually happened when they historically executed Adolf Hitler. I think you may have a point there.

I still say good riddance.

I went to Cookeville on Thursday to see Chase, and man, that is a happenin’ place. I saw The Good Shepherd, which was a well-done, fairly interesting movie. It seems like no one can ever make a positive movie about the CIA, but oh well. On Friday, I also saw the new, surprisingly impressive James Bond movie. Go see it before it leaves theaters!

Tonight I shall return to Rhodes, my true and eternal home for the next five months. I should probably do something constructive like start packing.

Until next week, readers.


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