Relaxation, spiders, and violence

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So Spring Break this past week has been a nice time of relaxation. Right before break, there was one last incident at school. My RA, Liz, sent out an email to all the Townsend residents. She was trying to get people to give up their rooms to the students who would be staying on campus over break. Why anyone would want to comply with this, I’m not really sure. Thinking quickly, I sent the following reply to her email:


Res-Life may not have my room for the break week. It is mine, all mine. If anyone dares to intrude into my room during Spring Break, they will face a whole flock of brown recleuses, which I left inside. I doubt any trespassers will survive long.

Sincerely, Drew

I’m pretty sure Liz bought it. I know, sometimes my cunning truly is amazing. They certainly didn’t let me into Rhodes College for nothing.

So my room should still be clear by the time I get back tomorrow. Life back at home hasn’t been terribly eventful, which is good. My siblings’ birthday was last weekend so my family took some of their friends to Zaney’s Comedy Club. That was fun.

I went with Rama this week to see 300, a movie about Spartans and the Battle of Thermompylae. The film was pretty exciting. I thought it was funny how the Spartans kept killing all the Persian diplomats. This week I also saw Amazing Grace, a movie about William Wilberforce and the abolition of slavery in the British Empire. It was good, but not as violent or exciting as 300.

Speaking of which, I have been hearing lately from various sources that violence is somehow a bad thing. Some people argue that violence should be left out of movies because it corrupts people’s minds and makes them more prone to violence in real life. Others take the more insane approach and disapprove of all violence in the real world.

Well, the latter people are just plain idiots. Curse those blasted Amish.

Seriously, the Highlander-loving guy in last week’s segment had the correct, Christian perspective. Jesus told his disciples, “But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one” (Luke 22:38). Thank goodness for Ebay, which allowed me to comply with this command. You can get lots of good stuff on that site.

Furthermore, if violence is ever okay in the real world, then it should be perfectly acceptable to include in movies. In fact, a lot of men today could stand to watch a few more manly movies like 300 and Rambo. Men need to become MORE courageous and less wussified.

Of course, if you include too much thrill and/or not enough substance in your movies, no one will want to see it. And then you’ll go broke. But lately I’ve seen some pretty good movies with appropriate levels of intensity.

Anyway, enough of my bloviating about nothing. Things will surely become more eventful tomorrow when I return again to my true home, Rhodes College. The break is almost over. Yippee…


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