Semester review

(Originally posted December 13, 2006)

Welcome back, my loyal readers. I thank you all for joining us tonight. I would not be here where I am today if not for you, the readers.

Actually, I take that back; I would probably still be here. But welcome back, regardless.

I took my last exam today and drove home. Sadness. How I can possibly survive not being at Rhodes, I wonder?

Oh Rhodes, my great College,
How I adore thee.
You teach me so wonderfully well.
Tests hold me not hostage;
They make me so free.
At Rhodes I will always feel swell.

 Anyway, once all five of my exams were over, I realized that I had actually learned quite a bit this semester. I will now briefly summarize some of the most important lessons:

  1. Techno music is pretty weird to dance to.
  2. In Germany, they don’t curve test grades. If you get a professor from Germany, watch out.
  3. North Korea sucks. That is my professional opinion.
  4. You should not let your neighbor’s dog eat your death by chocolate.
  5. Professor Romano is a fearsome paintball warrior (as are all international studies scholars — especially compared to lame subjects like Bio).
  6. When under attack, you should defang the snake.
  7. Iran sucks. Majorly.
  8. Y – C – G  =  S  =  I + NX
  9. When you are at a party, you should not tell a girl wearing a sequins dress that she “feels interesting.”
  10. Myspace > Facebook

Anyway, that’s all the most important stuff I’ve learned this semester. Now Christmas break is here so it’s time to party!


By the way, I saw Blood Diamond over the weekend. It’s good. Leonardo rocks my socks.






HANNAH posted,

“I want to see that movie, but in my case Leonardo is the only deterrent.”
(December 13, 2006, 7:00 pm)

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