(Originally posted November 27, 2006)

Good to have you all join us this week. As you know, everyone has just gotten back from Thanksgiving break. For my family, Thanksgiving means going deep into the wilderness of southern Alabama. There, the whole extended family gets together and eats lots of food at an old haunted house in the middle of the woods next to an abandoned graveyard.

The thing about Thanksgiving is that it is self-perpetuating. Regardless of how life in general may be going, who wouldn’t want to give thanks to God after eating lots of food? My mom always makes lots of good homemade cookies, for example. My aunt, meanwhile, makes a concoction called “death by chocolate.”

One thing I am truly thankful for, however, is Myspace. Where else would I find a place to waste time writing blogs when I should be studying for tests? Myspace gives me the opportunity to discover musicians that I would never have found before. Just last week, Rhodes featured a number of bands at an event called Lynxstock. One of the bands (The Features) had a particularly good profile so I made it a point to go listen to them when they came. The Features and I are now Myspace friends. In fact, you might even call us best friends.

Meanwhile, the constant barage of Myspace messages from people I don’t actually know only serves to make life interesting. For some reason, the number of group invitations has grown exponentially in the past week. (Nah, I don’t particularly want to join the group “Myface Group,” but thank you for asking.)

Rhodes-wise, things have been rather hectic lately. Tests and papers approach! Not that I am afraid, for I am never afraid. Last week before the break, the Rhodekill Ultimate Frisbee team played our “Rhodekill by Moonlight” game. That is, we waited until 11pm and played ultimate Frisbee at night. Of course, the team captain didn’t actually check the lunar schedule so it ended up being Rhodekill by Darkness instead. But it’s the thought that counts. We even had glow stick necklaces and an electric Frisbee! Sub-freezing temperatures mean nothing to true players.

As for now, an upcoming test is calling my name, and a Food Services Council meeting is about to begin. I must therefore go. Until next time!



Emily posted,
“Good to know you had a good time with the folks! I told Jenni about the frog and she didn’t freak out, so maybe next time? Good luck on your tests.”
(11-27-2006, 9:41 pm)


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