The art of persuasion

(Originally posted November 8, 2006)

Ok, so I was driving down Sam Cooper this past week. Very safely and courteously, as always. Then, right out of no where some maniac in a red truck came by at like 100 mph, ran me off the road, flicked me off, and shouted out something to the effect of “Screw you, loser!” As this man drove off, I only had time to catch a glimpse of his bumper sticker: “Elect Mark Bradshaw.” From that moment on, I was a convert.

Today was election day, and needless to say, I was crushed not find Mark Bradshaw’s name anywhere on my ballot to lend my support.

But on the topic of bumper stickers, isn’t it strange that there are some slogans you will just never see? Take a bumper sticker I saw recently: “Make peace, not war.” If we look at things logically, we may remember the Cold War, when the possibility of Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) prevented warfare. If you’re a real hippie, I think a good bumper sticker would probably be, “Make nukes, not war.” I should try to market that. I wonder why no one else thought of it. “Make tanks, not war” has a nice ring to it, too.

If there is one type of political ad I can really appreciate, tho, it’s a negative one. Some voters say they don’t like negative ads. People say they drag campaigns into the gutter and take us away from the issues. Nonsense. If one candidate completely sucks at life, I want to know about it. If they both suck at life, then I would like to know who sucks the least. That said, I applaud all of the negative campaigning in Tennessee this election.

Besides political news and mucho schoolwork, not a whole lot has been going on lately. The work is almost over, tho, so I can start slacking off again soon.


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