Various updates

(Originally posted March 06, 2007)

Good evening, everyone. You know, I always thought Highlander was a pretty cool show. But sometimes you just start to wonder if certain people have watched one episode too many…


Friday, March 02, 2007

HILTON HEAD, S.C. — A man toting a 3-foot sword apparently met his match when he broke into his ex-girlfriend’s apartment:  The woman’s roommate grabbed a sword of his own and sliced the intruder, police said.

The roommate, a sword collector, fended off the ex-boyfriend, who was cut on the arm, police said.,2933,256143,00.html


Proof positive that gun control is not the answer.

In other news, Iran still refuses to cooperate with the UN and dismantle its nuclear program. Oh wait, that’s not news.

It turns out I was mistaken in my belief that I was going with Rhodekill to a tournament in Arkansas. I guess sometimes you’re just not wanted. So as of last week, I decided not to be on the Rhodekill Ultimate Frisbee team anymore. No sense in putting up with elitism. I’m sure there’s better exercise to be gotten elsewhere.

This past weekend I went to the AOPi bus party for a little while, and also just hung out with friends and refrained from doing too much work. On Sunday my intra-mural soccer team, the Swedish Fish, handily won its first game (against the ATO team). Go Swedish!

Spring Break is coming up soon. Thank goodness.

Until next time…


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