Economic dilemmas

(Originally posted June 02, 2007)

If you think about it, economics really plagues us all. Last night my mom made some chess squares. They were pretty good, but they got eaten fast. (And I didn’t get to eat very many!) Some people just don’t seem to understand the principle of diminishing marginal utility. One chess square alone will taste really good. But if you eat lots of chess squares all at the same time, they will taste less and less good. At some point, perhaps after about 30 squares, the desserts will actually start to taste BAD. My siblings who quickly gobbled them all down probably failed to understand this concept.

And to think people criticize me for still owning Halloween candy… Some people just don’t understand.

Of course, if you don’t eat the chess squares quickly, other family members will likely eat them instead. Then you won’t get any. This scenario therefore represents a “Tragedy of the Commons.” If you don’t know what I’m talking about, see the Ultimate Source of All Truth (Wikipedia) for an explanation:

Speaking of DIMINISHING utility, I saw Pirates of the Caribbean 3 this week. If you haven’t seen it, rest assured that it was fairly lame. You didn’t miss much. Now, I think we can all agree that the first movie was pretty good. After that one movie, though, the series really went downhill… I’ll admit that #3 wasn’t quite as bad as #2. Nonetheless, after about 30 straight minutes of absurd, unrealistic sword-fighting, the thrill level from each additional minute of fighting PLUMMETED. That, and the story was confusing and silly.

I could take on Captain Jack Sparrow any day.



Time itself can be a good thing, but too much free time sometimes yields boredom. To combat this problem, many people like to get summer jobs. Instead of relaxing too much, they think to themselves, “Hey, I’ll go work and make some money.” Oh, if only it were so easy. A little money-generating work would be good. But soon, the chump realizes that he has to work ALL THE TIME. An employer doesn’t want someone who works 10-20 hours a week for a few months. So the dilemma presents itself: Too much relaxation or Too much work! I opt for the former… Good to chill and get pumped for UT Law, I say!

The federal government recently had to quarrantine some stupid lawyer for getting drug-resistant Tuberculosis and then running around and contaminating everyone. Reminds me of those jackals who come to class with a cold and cough all over the place. (But of course, that brings up the issue of strict attendance policies, which is a whole other problem. One of my friends failed a class and has to work this summer solely because of absences…) Anyway, I predict that I will remain healthier now that I’m away from Rhodes.

In other news. My ultimate Frisbee team won its first two games this week. So far so good! Our jerseys are olive-colored, and our team name is “Pretty Green.” (in conrast to “Real Green,” the team we practiced against last week) A couple other guys from Rhodes are on the team. We should be set to rock ‘n roll.

By the way, I found a pretty sweet bird this week. He was black. He didn’t like to be held much so I took him back outside and let him go after a little while. Such a shame, he would’ve complemented my white bird nicely. Enough rambling now. Until next issue of the DREW BLOG — where I provide analysis you won’t find anywhere else!






HANNAH posted,
“I don’t care what the economic laws state; CHESS SQUARES ARE GOOD EVERY TIME.”
(06-02-2007, 11:15 pm)


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