Fairness and idiocy

(Originally posted July 02, 2007)

Thank you all for joining us this week.

A few days ago, Congress debated the “Fairness Doctrine.” This doctrine would have forced radio stations to balance out opinions that they broadcast. To keep things “fair,” radio stations could only air an opinion if they also played talk shows with the opposing viewpoint.

What would news be like if we had the Fairness Doctrine? The DREW BLOG will let the readers decide…

(To keep things fair, italics will hereafter provide the hippie liberal, alternative viewpoint:)

Frisbee went well this past week. TEN STRAIGHT WINS, without any losses! Go Pretty Green!

Those elitist olive green jackals are gonna get what’s coming to them soon. They just lost one of their players, who is moving to St. Louis. Hahaha, good luck Pretty Green! You’re gonna need it! You suck!

If you really want to have a fair game, Green should give a few of their best players over to the opposing team at the next game. Also, if their opponents can’t handle Green’s extreme speediness, Green should slow down for them. There’s no need to let things become unbalanced.

This past week Congress finally listened to the public clamor against their “comprehensive” illegal immigration proposal. The immigration bill, which basically included an amnesty provision for 12+ million illegal aliens, is now dead in the water. If only the government would clamp down on the border first (like the law says), maybe the public could tolerate letting the current illegals stay. As things are, more and more just keep on coming into the country. And the government doesn’t care.

Curse those weak-spined politicians succombing to the will of the racist public. I love illegal immigration. Let them all come in! It’s not fair that the Mexicans weren’t born in America; they should get to be Americans, too, if they want! Who cares about border security or cultural stability?

As you can see, this Fairness Doctrine thing is pretty idiotic. Free speech isn’t free at all if it has to accomodating opposing viewpoints. Moreover, there is no conceivable way to accomodate everyone’s viewpoint on the public airwaves: Some opinions are too idiotic to publish commercially.

The radio programs that thrive in capitalism are the ones that provide the most utility to the consumers (and therefore get lots of listeners, thus earning lots of money through advertising).

For the time being, the House of Representatives voted against the Fairness Doctrine. Most of the Democratic leadership, however, voted in favor of it. We always knew that the Democratic Party was a socialist party. The scary thing is that many Democratic leaders are now working to DESTROY free speech on the radio airwaves. Liberals are supposed to be all about free speech…hah.

Socialism + Authoritarianism = Communism.

Implement the Fairness Doctrine! Those wretched conservatives must lose their unfair monopoly over the radio airwaves. Why should radio stations operate according to ratings and profits anyway? More power to the people!

Have a happy Independence Day everyone! God Bless America!

Bah, humbug. God is dead.



Chris posted,
“Who was that one Congressman who always voted AGAINST all things resembling the Fairness Doctrine, AND advocates STRONG border security? Oh that’s right, it was Ron Paul! 😉

(Couldn’t resist…cool blog post as usual!)”
(07-03-2007, 3:22 pm)

I posted,
“haha, as an IR major, I can’t really condone someone who wants to sacrifice our influence over the oil-rich regions of the world — or let the globe go to hell. 😉 Down here we’re getting pretty pumped about Fred Thompson, tho! He’s gonna announce his candidacy today, I think, or otherwise sometime real soon.”
(07-04-2007, 2:04 am)


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