Summer updates

(Originally posted June 18, 2007)

Welcome back to the Drew Blog, readers. As I’m sure you all know, the Palestinians have resumed their civil war. Two different Palestinian governments are both trying to run the show — an extremist Hamas one and a moderate (but somewhat corrupt) Fatah government. Only one of the governments is really “legitimate.” My professional opinion as an international relations scholar: Some people just need to learn to get along.

Speaking of far-away places, this past weekend I travelled to Knoxville. My parents and I needed to look at condos and apartments near the law school. Knoxville seems like a pretty happenin’ place.

A friend once told me that he didn’t like hummers; he didn’t like the way they looked, he said. The realtor who was showing us condos in Knoxville drove around in a giant, black hummer, and that thing was pretty sweet. Some people just miss the point:  Hummers aren’t supposed to look good; they’re supposed to look powerful. A car like that is a manly car. Many guys have it all wrong these days, obsessing about their own beauty at the expense of their strength and life.

Since I know you are all dying of curiosity, I will let you know how my summer league ultimate Frisbee team has been doing: SIX AND ZERO, BABY. For the time being, “Pretty Green” is the only undefeated team. Of course, my own brilliant Frisbeeing skillz deserve most of the credit. Hopefully our victories will continue!

In other news, that scoundrel D.A. Mike Nifong just got disbarred and fired. The Duke “rape” case prosecutor will prosecute no more. Good riddance. One less crooked lawyer is one less horror in the world.

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