Competition and public opinion

(Originally posted September 24, 2007)

Welcome back, DREW BLOG readers.

The trip back to Franktown went well. I went to the state fair with my parents and my sister, and that was fun. The two subsequent weekends have been spent just chillin’ and participating in various festivities with friends. The University of Tennessee lost horribly to Florida. But at least we pwned Arkansas State this past weekend. So we’re all feeling a little better now.

You know what I really hate? That stupid Univ. Florida Gators chomp — where you take one arm above your head and chomp it down onto your other arm (like an alligator). It’s a really good thing UT doesn’t have any lame cheering-actions like that. It would be pretty gay if we did. In fact, I’m not sure if I could live with myself.

Law school continues to be a relatively decent experience. Of course, I haven’t gotten any grades yet.


Since my last posting, the mighty Fred Thompson entered the race for Republican presidential candidate. Everyone was acting like he waited around forever to jump in. I think he did well. Since when do presidential races start almost two YEARS prior to election day? I say all the politicians should’ve waited longer. Politicians waste too much time already pandering to various people. 

By election day, no one ever remembers what happened early on in a campaign anyway. I think it’s pretty funny how McCain has spent almost all his money already.

I used to want to be a politician, but now I realize that it would require me to become an insecure, popularity-seeking wuss. That’s the price we pay for living in a democracy, of course. In an authoritarian regime, politicians become the only strong men, while every other male cowers before them like scared dogs. In a democracy, the masses get (the opportunity) to act like real men, whereas the politicians become the chumps.

People-pleasing is a dangerous road that typically ends in self-destruction. In life, either you live for your own dreams, or you live for someone else’s. I almost think we should pay politicians higher salaries to compensate for the diminishment of their souls.

This past weekend, the Iranian president came to New York for a United Nations conference, and he’s supposed to speak at Columbia University today. Some people are upset that they’re letting him speak. I think it’s probably good that he gets to give one of his little talks over here. If he does, maybe it will finally get everyone mad enough to take action against his evil government.

In other news, I’ve started playing with the ultimate Frisbee team here at UT. They seem pretty nice. They’re also really hard core; we do lots of drills and stuff to improve our game tactics. Anyway, that’s giving me one more fun thing to do here in K-Ville!

This is Drew Justice, reporting for the DREW BLOG. Justice out.


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