Masculine failure

(Originally posted December 18, 2007)

Well, exams are over — finally. I just got home to Franktown last night. The law school spread out our exams so that we had three days in between each one. Then we finished ten days before Christmas.

Mostly, our law exams involved bizarre scenarios written down in short-story form, where you had to figure out who should be charged for what crime, or sued for what — or maybe how to go about suing. Lots of violence and death in the stories. Very exciting.

Speaking of violence and death, I saw No Country for Old Men last week. That movie was a little disturbing. But go watch it if you want to see something interesting.

You know, some people think violent movies and video games are evil. The governator of California recently waged a war of persecution against the video game industry for “promoting violence” in society. What a hypocrite, Ahnold.

Even if his accusation about promoting violence were true…I think the promotion of violence is not an altogether bad thing. Rather, it is the brainwashed subversives of our feminized utopia who rail against all forms of violence. To them, conflict and aggression are always bad; passivity, crying, and talking about feelings are always good.

At the same time as people whine about video game violence, our society cowers in the face of Third World enemies like Iran and North Korea. We cave in to international pressure on non-issues like “global warming,” and we mope whenever our military suffers even small numbers of casualties during worthwhile combat efforts. Even today, our own ally (Turkey) sent troops into Iraq to attack the people we are trying to govern. No one fears us.

Bodyguards and policemen get paid; that payment is economic proof that violence can be good. Just ask your city council. Violence can have utility in the form of justified self-defense, or the defense of others. But a real man does not depend exclusively on the government to protect himself and his family. A whole man stands up for himself.


What about the real people who do go bazerk and kill innocent humans after playing video games? Just recently, one maniac in Nebraska murdered eight people with an AK-47 before blowing himself away. After these massacres, you usually hear that the shooter was one of the “quiet kids” who stuck to himself.(“Beware the quiet ones.) Maybe that is because the passive males tend to be the losers in life. They sit quietly. They do not engage other people in conversation, do not get involved in social activities, do not invade the academic/business world in an effort to generate utility, and do not make any aggressive effort at all to improve their lives. They are the feminized ideal.

The shooter in Nebraska concluded that his life had no meaning because 1) he lost his job and 2) his girlfriend dumped him. What a wuss.

To compare, let’s consider homeless people. In general, a bum’s only proclivity to assert himself takes the form of his willingness to pester people (often jobless students) for cash. A bum will not channel this mild assertiveness into any other, more useful area of life. I was thinking about it recently, and almost all of the bums I see on the streets of Knoxville are MALE. These guys never learned to be men

A man is a being of action, not passivity.

A few days ago I was looking through O Magazine — the source for all relevant news — and I saw an interview with a guy named Harvey Mansfield. He said that both guys and girls actually crave the charisma of manly individuals. Real men can be dangerous, he says, but they can also be quite useful for humankind.

Since the shooting in Omaha, Nebraska, over a hundred people in that county have filed for handgun permits. Maybe people are starting to learn:

“Whoever sheds the blood of man,
by man shall his blood be shed,
for in the image of God did God make man.”
~ Genesis 9:6

Males have a tendency to go crazy when they realize that they have ignored their masculine potential and defied their God-given manly purpose. Ultimately, you can blame senseless killings on video games if you want. But I think it’s the sissies of our society that have contributed to these tragedies the most.

But hey, enough of this silly arguing about abstract principles. Anyone wanna go watch Snow White?



HANNAH posted,
“You read ‘O’? AH HA HA HA HA”
(12-19-2007, 4:22 pm)

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