Pure brilliance

(Originally posted July 18, 2007)

Welcome back, readers. Things have been fairly good lately. Over independence day, I went down to Alabama to visit my grandparents. While down there, we held a party for my grandad’s 90th birthday.


Then last weekend I travelled to Knoxville to show off my living space to some potential roommates — and to hang out with friends briefly. This week, however, I got a free pass to see Dave Ramsey’s video shooting (Financial Peace University)! That guy is a blast. I want to grow up just like him.

In Ultimate Frisbee summer league, the Pretty Green winning streak continues unabated. Fourteen straight wins, no losses! As I was driving home from Frisbee tonight, I stopped and got a chocolate shake from Jack in the Box. Those things are good.

Leaving Jack in the Box, I tuned in briefly to the The Savage Nation radio programNow, the fine Dr. Michael Savage is a tad bit crazy, and I don’t take everything he says entirely seriously. Tonight, however, he announced one of the most brilliant ideas I have ever heard. Many people wonder how to stop the eventual erosion toward socialist economics that all democracies seem to experience. His answer: Don’t allow anyone to vote if they are receiving any kind of government assistance.

Granted, there would still be some slackers and unlucky people who would take advantage of whatever charity that the government did choose to provide. Nonetheless, politicians would largely stop catering to recipients of government entitlements. No one could elect a politician solely to help themselves profit using tax dollars! Problem of socialism solved. It’s brilliant! Why didn’t I think of it?

Now all we need is a new constitutional amendment setting up such a system. I guess I should start a petition or something.


Socialism is to economies what snapping turtles are to human hands.

(My brother found this thing recently, and I felt like throwing the pic in here.)



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