(Originally posted August 15, 2007)

Last Saturday morning, a phone call awakened me early. It was Comcast. They just wanted to remind me of my scheduled appointment for Monday to get cable at my apartment. I told them that, yeah, I remembered, and I would be there. At that point, I began wondering about why the lady felt the need to call me. Do most of their customers schedule cable hook-ups and just not answer the door when the technician comes?

Then I remembered back a few days…

Last week my dad and I came to Knoxville to fix some things at the apartment and meet the refrigerator delivery people. We got things fixed, but the refrigerator people never showed up. They were supposed to come on Monday, but then they called and said they needed to come Tuesday instead. That was fine; we decided to stay in Knoxville another day. Them they called again really early in the morning to make sure we were ready. What was wrong with these people?! At the time, my phone was turned off because it was low on batteries. So they just skipped  us. We tried calling them back later, and they said they would come later in the day to drop off the refrigerator. They didn’t.

So yeah, I’m starting to realize why Comcast decides to call people all along the way to remind them about their commitments. It’s because PEOPLE ARE IDIOTS. Hardly anyone has the respect to follow through with their word these days.

On Saturday afternoon, we had the Summer League ultimate frisbee tournament. My team (Pretty Green) put up a good fight, but in the end we came in only second — despite being ranked first all season long. Several of our players couldn’t make it at so late a date. Unfortunately, that was understandable, considering how late in the summer the tournament was. Moreover, I injured my knee from our game on Wednesday so I was still pretty sub-par for the tournament.  But more importantly, two of our players just plain didn’t show up! They didn’t even warn us beforehand.


The saying that “A man is only as good as his word” comes to mind. How true that is! People just don’t understand honor at all nowadays. I’ve sure met some flaky women in my day, but when even most men can’t keep their commitments, what is the world coming to? Failing to carry through with your commitments is a sign of total disrespect. If someone can’t keep their word around me, I just stop dealing with them on any serious level. Maybe Comcast feels like it can profit by constantly reminding slackers of their obligations. But for me, I typically don’t waste my time with such nonsense.


Now that all that griping is over with, I’ve moved to Knoxville for law school! I’m fairly excited, considering many of my friends from high school are over here. School starts next week. Should be a blast!


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