Summer winding down

(Originally posted August 02, 2007)

Well, last week Pretty Green encountered a mighty tragedy: We lost our first game! It was sad. Thankfully, last night we made a come back and resumed out winning streak. Now my olive-colored Frisbee team has 17 wins and 1 loss. The tournament is next week. Wish us luck!

In other news, I’ve secured two roommates for my condo in Knoxville. We’re all law students! It will be like one gigantic legal party, all day long every single day. I can’t wait.

I heard about a yawning study lately. Researchers challenged the traditional theory of yawning, which states that we yawn to gather massive amounts of oxygen all at once after breathing lightly. In contrast, they showed evidence that yawning cools down the brain.

Your brain can then function better after experiencing this re-energizing coolness. You know how sometimes your computer starts making loud noise all at once when you’re running lots of programs and the fan starts blowing? It’s kind of like that.

So that’s why I yawn so much.

A bridge fell down in Minneapolis yesterday. So far, the number of confirmed dead is only about a dozen or less, but  it will probably rise. The government quickly pointed out that terrorists did not cause the collapse.

At times like these, I’m reminded of my high school days in the Youth Legislature. Occasionally an idiot kid would come forward with some hippie liberal bill to start a new government program to “help” schools or give out free medicine or otherwise blow good money. Usually they would point out the large percentage of Tennessee’s budget that we “waste” on the Department of Transportation (ie, roads and bridges), and how we could better spend that money on other fun projects.

I think it’s fun to drive on smooth roads. Long live the great state of Tennessee, which allocates an exceptionally high percent of its budget to infrastructure! 


 Roads ranked by Overdrive Magazine 2006

1. Texas
2. Florida
3. Tennessee
4. Georgia
5. Virginia


Sometimes if you don’t spend enough money to upkeep something, it breaks. No, terrorists were not responsible for destroying the bridge. But who needs terrorists when you have stupid politicians?

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