Wild happenings

(Originally posted November 18, 2007)

Man, for those of you who missed the UT vs. Vanderbilt football game last night, UT won…by one point…after Vanderbilt’s last fieldgoal attempt bounced off the side of the goal. Pretty wild.

Hectivity has plagued me since the last issue of the DREW BLOG. I had to turn in one 15-page paper, and now another one is due before I leave for Thanksgiving.

A couple weeks ago, I road along with a police officer and fought crime during the nighttime hours of 6pm-4am. It was pretty neat. I got to go 110 mph on Western Avenue.

Speaking of speed, I think my current car is getting kind of old and raggedy. I sometimes wonder how much longer it will last…and what my next car might be like:

In Pakistan, our ally President Musharaff has been having some issues. Some of his Islamist (meaning “terrorist-supporting, non-democratic”) opponents have been clamoring lately, and after a string of terror attacks, Musharaff had to initiate martial law. Seems like a good idea, right? Well, maybe not, because now everyone is just mad.

You may be wondering, “What is the official, informed opinion of Drew Justice?” Quite simply, Musharaff is my home boy. Don’t screw around with him. Of course, apparently the American Bar Association disagrees with me, as they’re protesting against Musharaff’s rule. Apparently some Americans believe in theocratic Islamic government. It sure is nice to know how smart American lawyers can be.

In the UT area, a crime spree has left the citizenry terrified to walk the streets at night. Robberies seem to happen every other day, and just last week some UT students were robbed at gunpoint IN THEIR SCHOOL-OWNED APARTMENTS. The reason for this dilemma? Students are barred from owning weapons on school grounds, and many apartments forbid firearms. The ghetto people from Mechanicsville drive over here to prey on college kids because they know the college kids cannot fight back. To anyone who supports gun control, now you see the result of your tyranny! We’re trapped like rats in a box full of snakes.

I’ve seen a couple good movies lately. American Gangster did a nice job of illustrating the devastating impact of police corruption. Denzel Washington is my dog, and Russell Crowe did a nice job as well.

Another good one is SAW IV. It’s even better than SAW III. I think that whole series has been nicely done. While some people criticize it for promoting violence and demeaning human life, the moral of the series is that humans should RESPECT LIFE. The people who get tortured/killed are (mostly) people who are abusing themselves or wasting their lives away in some fashion. In reality, people like that are the walking dead already. And sadly, as the series shows, even the threat of death cannot always jar people from their self-destructive habits.

Anyway, as soon as I get my annoying memo turned in for Legal Process, I’ll be heading down to the wild woods of southern Alabama. My relatives always throw a big thanksgiving bash down there with lots of food. But there are some dangerous alligators down there, so wish me luck.



Emily posted,
“Good luck on your papers!
and funny video! Where do you find all these videos??”
(11-18-2007, 8:58 pm)


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