Beware the false masculinity

(Originally posted March 09, 2008)

Welcome back to the DREW BLOG. I just recently found out that the upcoming week will involve only four days of school. I am excited.

In other news, Tennessee legislator Stacey Campfield (from Knoxville) has sponsored a bill which would allow school professors and faculty to carry firearms. They would need to obtain a handgun permit first, but then they could bring their weapons to help protect the school. The Knoxville News-Sentinel criticized Campfield for suggesting this common-sense measure. I wrote a letter to the editor to voice my support for the law, pointing out that students routinely get robbed in my area (often at gunpoint) because the government restricts everyone from carrying weapons. I mentioned that legal guns protect schools from mass shootings, and that the complete lack of weapons on campus makes me feel less safe. Unfortunately, the hippie liberals at that newpaper refused to publish my arguments. Oh well, what can you you with idiots.

On another topic, a friend criticized me recently for having a song by Taylor Swift on my profile. He presumed that playing a girly song somehow made me less of a man. (Actually, people routinely insult my taste in music, but I nonetheless tell people proudly that “pop” is my favorite type of music.)Needless to say, I found this notion of manliness rather intriguing. Feminist society tends to deny every difference between the sexes other than basic, physical, anatomical distinctions, yet the moment you play a pop song on your profile, you are borderline “feminine.”

Society suggests that men should only listen to tasteless hip-hop or rap, which (with a few exceptions) tends to have virtually no melody. Any male who listens to American Idol or anything on the Top 40 charts is unworthy of the title “man” — or so argues the false dichotomy. Basically, anything harsh is “manly,” and everything easy is “feminine.” Looking bland is manly; dressing nicely is feminine. A whiskey on the rocks (Saddam Hussein’s favorite drink) is manly, but gin with cranberry juice is womanly. Don’t dare to switch things up, or you might lose your sexual identity.

Of course, Western people have such a faint concept of gender that they must cling to these frail stereotypes in order to feel secure in themselves. Guys don’t really have any idea of what being a man means. They simply feel that it must involve the avoidance of pop music and cosmopolitans.

But what is a man, truly? A man is a leader. Leaders are bold, visionary individuals who take action. Much of leadership is indeed difficult, but that does not make harshness itself any kind of virtue. Leadership involves strength.

Instead of acting as leaders, men embrace the shell of masculinity, elevating form over substance in the extreme! Insecurity results. Most males worry about questions to their manhood because they know they are not truly men. At my swing dance classes, girls wll commonly dance with each other, but if two men dance with each other — even briefly or to demonstrate a dance move — it is “gay.” Guys actually worry that people will think they are gay. Meanwhile, if you do not dive headfirst into the society’s Matrix of Sexual Promiscuity, people similarly question you. If any male even fosters a close friendship with another guy, society questions his sexuality. (Jesus got kissed by Judas Iscariot, so therefore he was probably gay, too.)

Actually, the desire to prove yourself is the root of all kinds of evil. Leaders do not cave in to the opinions of others. Many guys assume that they must prove themselves by sleeping with as many girls as possible. Some males strive to be super-“macho” by dominating, degrading, or even abusing women. Guys avoid hugging or touching their friends because they do not want others to judge them. Guys fail to express their own personalities because society tells them certain tastes (in clothing, music, drink, etc.) are feminine.

Ultimately, none of these strategies demonstrates any real strength on the part of the male. On the contrary, the very act of altering yourself to fit in actually makes you weaker. Once you assimilate fully, you will experience death of your soul, and suicide by lack of personality.



Julianna posted,
Well, I think first that anyone who questions your sexuality because you like a girl’s music is very closed minded. I am liberal, as you know. Interestingly, I know quite a few guys that appreciate female musicians and these guys are definitely not gay. They do understand women better than some men, though. Two female artists, in particular come in mind, and that is Ani Difranco and Tori Amos. I know quite a few guys are hard core Tori fans and are not gay. But both of those women are incredibly talented musicians who can not only sing but really play instruments and my friends are musicians so they know the talent when they hear it-male or female. In general, I listen to more women than men b/c their music relates more to me but I listen to plenty of guys and it is a double standard and really damaging to female musicians to insinuate that only women and gay men can appreciate a woman’s music. It bothers me, too. Also, regarding the male kissing-it would be absolutely acceptable in Europe or Australia to kiss a man on the cheeks-that’s just another example of the unhealthy attitude towards affection and sex in the United States. The only answer to these problems is to be brave enough not to conform, to be the change you want to see, and to try to educate others. I hope you continue to buck being put in any boxes, it’s not easy to risk being different.”
(03-18-2008, 11:11 am)


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