Easter revelations

(Originally posted March 21, 2008)

This past Sunday was Palm Sunday, and I think I finally understand the true meaning behind that holiday:  People are fickle. On Palm Sunday, Jesus rode into town, and crowds of fans cried out, “Hosannah to the Son of David! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!” Four days later, these same people changed their tune a bit, shouting, “Take him away! Crucify him!”

Of course, nothing particularly significant happened in between these two outbursts. People just changed their minds — without any real reason. (A few Pharisees stirred up the crowd against Jesus, but are true friends actually so easy to manipulate?) Some of you probably care about what people think of you, but IT’S RIGHT THERE IN THE BIBLE that public opinion is basically worthless. Truth matters; popularity does not. Ultimately, you might say that three words embody the meaning of Palm Sunday — Trust No One.

Anyway, Spring Break so far continues as planned, not overly eventful. I have gotten to see 10,000 B.C., a well-done movie. I have also watched some of my sister’s The Office DVDs. That is one interesting show.

For my siblings’ birthday, we saw a hypnotist use his magical powers to mind control a group of people on stage. It appeared surprisingly easy to convince members of the audience to abandon their true nature and act ridiculous. Was manipulation truly so easy?

I just finished reading State of Fear by Michael Crichton, a book about the manipulation of public opinion regarding the global warming debate. I highly recommend this book. The novel not only debunks the global warming hoax but also explains how propaganda has convinced the masses to believe this environmentalist myth. Many people believe, but very few understand the FACTS. They simply grow up indoctrinated from elementary school onward. All the while, citizens hear alarmist news stories in the media persuading them that humans are destroyers of the world.

Agents with a dangerous agenda have severely duped the public on this issue. These agents, the philosophers of death, seek the diminishment of humankind. They believe there are too many humans on the planet, and that we must get rid of some of them. After all, every acre of land taken up by a human family is one less acre for the deer, rabbits, beetles, and trees to inhabit. What makes humans special, anyway? Rather than spending our wealth to benefit human beings – the despisers of humanity want to waste resources through useless taxes that, even at best, would accomplish almost nothing (i.e., several hundredths of a degree Celsius) in terms of decreasing global temperatures. The philosophers of death realize that the enormous expenditures to “prevent global warming” could otherwise fund medicines, infrastructure, food, or malaria vaccines to save human lives. The manipulators are well aware of this; they just don’t care.

Although John McCain has wrapped up the Republican presidential nomination, Hillary and Obama continue to battle it out, mostly over irrelevant personal issues. Unfortunately, all three candidates support a global warming tax, including John McCain. We’ve all been deceived. What is the world coming to?



Chris posted,
“Yeah, that makes sense about Palm Sunday. Really, I guess it’s a good illustration of fallen human nature and the weakness and utter compromise that can result in people – yet how Christ still willingly went to the Cross the very next week for many of the same people who so weakly were “manipulated” into changing their support for no reason. So in that sense, I guess the hypocrisy displayed in that change after Palm Sunday can itself further magnify the meaning of Good Friday and Easter.

Your spring break sounds kind of like mine – I hung out with a few different people today, but before then, a lot of just being here and there, including online. Two amazing sites to check out for tons of free, streaming seasons of TV shows: http://www.tvliveshows.com and http://www.videos.repph.com – and two equivalent sites for movies (tons of classics, and also the most popular ones still in theaters, like 10K BC, I Am Legend, Fool’s Gold, Jumper, etc. – shockingly good quality) at http://www.freemoviekey.com and http://www.tubezoom.com

Yeah, the global warming issue and this year’s Presidential elections both reflect the wisdom of Matt Stone and Trey Parker once again: “Manbearpig” and “Douche and Turd,” respectively. Do you think you’ll end up voting?”
(03-21-2008, 11:48 pm)


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