Independence forever

(Originally posted July 4, 2008) 

Welcome back, readers. Today, all loyal Americans will celebrate the country’s independence from foreign power. In 1776, Americans risked their lives for freedom from the most powerful empire on the globe. With the assistance of God, they successfully gained independence.

Sadly, people now seek to reverse this monumental American achievement. A significant element in our government sincerely believes that America should sacrifice its own independence. These weak-minded individuals look for the approval of foreign governments in virtually every area of political power. Militarily, they would require global ratification before America ever sent troops to defend national interests or support freedom. Domestically, the internationalists would require the approval of Mexico and other foreign governments before taking any action to secure the southern border. Economically, these subversives would impose global taxes on Americans through such schemes as the Kyoto Accord. Judicially, the internationalists would surrender American citizens to the jurisdiction of the World Criminal Court, a foreign entity. In various legal matters, some of the traitors actually cite foreign laws in their judicial opinions, in an effort to undermine American law. In the minds of these disloyal politicians, America must assimilate into the “international community.”

Imagine a life where you did not live for yourself. Instead, you sought the approval of society before pursuing any course of action. You never spoke your mind because you feared that your words might offend others. For the same reasons, you refrained from pursuing the actions of your heart. Many so-called “men” actually do live their lives this way — politicians in particular. Today, many of these same cowards want the nation as a whole to live in similar slavery relative to global opinion. They argue that America should live as a dutiful global citizen under some sort of world union.

The sad fact of the matter is that many Americans no longer believe in independence.

If we truly do want world government, I have an excellent idea: Let every nondemocratic state dismantle its tyrannical system, and let every nation on the planet surrender authority to the United States. At that point, the United States can preside over the world government. Granted, America would probably require additional soldiers in order to police the entire globe, but we could strengthen ourselves for the task by imposing taxes on the subordinate nations.

If no one else likes this plan, that is fine. Ever since the tower of Babel four thousand years ago, nations have remained independent from each other. Let international relations remain anarchic.

Especially on July 4th, Americans must remember one thing: The rest of the world does not rule over us. Let any lawyer who cites foreign law in an American judicial opinion be disbarred. And let us say, “To hell with monarchy, Europe, and tyranny of every sort. America stands on its own!”


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