Insuring domestic tranquility

(Originally posted August 04, 2008)

Whereas real men look out for themselves, pathetic people depend on the government for everything. This generality certainly proves true especially in the realm of self-defense. Whereas manly men will arm themselves, work out, and possibly even learn martial arts, the weak individuals in our society will accept the myth of “police protection.” Quite simply, the myth states that police officers exist to protect you from criminals. One hint for the clueless:  The police exist to arrest you, not protect you.

Arresting bad guys excites the police. It is their job. In fact, policemen enjoy arresting people so much that often they will go ahead and arrest innocent people, too. And regardless of the quality of your police, no individual criminal becomes “bad” until after he has already inflicted some harm. The government can mete out punishment afterwards, but criminal courts (generally) cannot reverse the effects of crime. How many defendants come to criminal court charged with attempt crimes – as opposed to actual crimes? Not many.

In Torts class last semester, we read a case where a lady tried to sue the police. She did so because the police failed to stop her boyfriend from throwing sodium hydroxide solution in her face, an attack which scarred her for life. See Riss v. New York, 240 N.E.2d 860 (1968). Recognizing the absurdity of the lady’s lawsuit, the court threw it out. That is, the government does not exist to protect individuals. The police are not your personal bodyguards.

On the contrary, the Bible says that the government exists “to bring punishment on the wrongdoer” (Romans 13:4). Unfortunately, the same wimpy Americans who consider it the government’s job to set wages and provide for individual retirement also demand that the government guarantee their own personal security. If you want to stop crime, you must do it yourself.

Granted, the act of punishing evil-doers does deter many would-be criminals. Unfortunately, many of the same leftists who dislike guns also oppose executions and even stiff prison sentences which might deter violent crime. (Among liberals, sense is a rare commodity.) Regardless of deterrence, even a healthy government cannot guarantee your personal safety.

Overall, the police are no excuse to grow weak and defenseless. Americans used to understand the need for personal defense. Just ask yourself:  Would Davy Crockett walk around unarmed and then start crying when someone mugged him? In enacting the Second Amendment, the Founding Fathers legally promised to maintain individuals’ God-given right to self-defense. Tragically, today’s Americans have lost both their faith in God and their common sense. And so they let themselves be slaughtered by murderers.

I was alarmed this past weekend when some jackass decided to shoot up the Unitarian church in Knoxville. Apparently this unemployed loser had grown angry at being receiving cutbacks to his supply of food stamps. Paradoxically, he decided to murder the food stamp-supporting members of the most liberal, hippie “church” imaginable to solve his personal problems.

I guess all the businesses that rejected this idiot’s job applications are glad now.

Mass-shootings against synagogues, colleges, and churches of every type have become all too common. Unarmed populations constitute flocks of sitting ducks. As I point out periodically, Jesus specifically told his disciples to buy swords (Luke 22:36). But now that he is in heaven, I give you all a new command:  Buy guns. Of course, Unitarians do not follow the Bible literally so I doubt any members of that congregation were armed. In one article, someone praised the police for their sensitivity and professionalism at the crime scene. What is missing from that praise? Oh yeah, the police were absent when multiple people got murdered.

At the time this tragedy occurred in Knoxville, I was carrying my .45 caliber sidearm under a sports coat. I dare someone to assault First Baptist Franklin. Last week was the first time I brought it to church because I had just bought a holster. But recent events only confirm my Drewish wisdom on this issue. Let justice be done.



Julianna posted,
I am all for the right to bear arms, too. Every time some innocent people are shot up by some mental case…I think…if only one of the sensible people had been carrying so many lives could have been saved. And it always seems to be kids they’re gunning for or maybe that’s what we hear about. According to the news, the shooter (1) used a shotgun for which he needed no permit; (2) aimed at the children who were doing some sort of performance and could not have been homosexual since they were kids and (3) that is significant since this is supposed to have been a hate crime committed b/c that church made a public statement welcoming gay people to the congregation. And marital arts, boxing, self-defense that’s good backup but there’s not a black belt in the world who’s going to avoid being hit by someone who can shoot. Also….I strongly beleive that any country that might think of invading another which could happen again one day…would choose countries with unarmed an populace before invading a country where the citizenry is equipped to defend itself and immediately join the defense of the country.”
(08-05-2008, 12:53 am)

I posted,
“Wow, Juli, I didn’t realize you were quite so brilliant.”
(08-05-2008, 5:06 pm)


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