Movie mania

(Originally posted June 23, 2008)

So I was driving in Nashville, and I saw a restaurant that identified itself as a “rum bar and satay grill.” I can only imagine that a “rum bar” means a bar that only serves rum. While I have come across quite a few bars, the idea of one that only serves rum intrigued me. The whole experience gave me a great idea:  I should start a gin bar. It will only serve gin. It will be called The Pine Needle Express. Meanwhile, I have absolutely no idea what “satay” is, so I would not serve satay. I would probably serve bratwursts instead. The sign would read, The Pine Needle Express:  Gin Bar and Brat Grill. Obviously, it would only serve gin and bratwursts — nothing else, except maybe pizza. Now that would be a great place to visit and bring the family.

My brother and I saw The Happening last night, the latest greatest blockbuster by M. Night Shyamalan. From what I hear, M. Night is supposed to make a cameo in each of his movies, but I never noticed him in this one. Overall the movie was good. I had heard from a couple people that it sucked, so I was delightfully surprised. (Of course, maybe movies just always seem better after you are already braced for the absolute stupidity of, say, The Village.)

Overall, it seems like a great number of excellent movies are coming out this summer. I already saw Prince Caspian, Iron Man, and Indiana Jones, all of which were fairly superb. Now Get Smart, Batman II, Journey to the Center of the Earth, and a bunch of other neat-looking films are coming out.

Of course, I have mentioned several movies already, but one upcoming film that I most want to see has EVERYTHING you could want in a movie. Check it out:

These days, a lot of people whine about the supposedly low quality of modern movies. Some ancient wisdom comes to mind:  “Do not say, ‘Why were the old days better than these?’ For it is not wise to ask such questions” (Ecclesiastes 7:10). In this case, I think the summer of 2008 may prove the whiners wrong.

Overall, I have seen a good number of movies this past year, and I the vast majority of them were enjoyable. Certainly none come to mind that I actually regretted seeing.

Of course, I do think the trend toward high prices and sensationalism could stand to be fixed. Some modern movies, for example, go overboard with special effects and unrealistic action to the point of absurdity. What is even worse is when directors substitute action for plot (Think Star Wars Episode II). Overall, The Happening actually did a good job keeping the audience freaked out without many special effects at all. Supposedly, M. Night Shyamalan really likes to go easy on the special effects in all his movies, choosing to intrigue and/or scare the audience in a more subtle manner.

Regarding prices, I suspect that if movie-makers cut down on the expensive special effects and accepted more new actors (lower-paid actors) in place of the megastars, Hollywood could lower its costs. Then maybe ticket prices would drop, and we could afford to see all of the amazing movies coming out!



HANNAH posted,
“M. Night Shyamalan was “Joey” in The Happening.”
(06-23-2008, 12:47 pm)

Chris posted,
“Hah, that would be totally awesome…a different recommended gin mix to go with every dish. And maybe make all the bratwurst cooked in beer for old times’ sake. But yeah, couldn’t have chosen a better name…I wonder if most people would even get the reference.”
(06-26-2008, 11:53 pm)


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