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Honoring Gaia

Okay, so apparently there’s some sort of “Earth Hour” today, and we’re all supposed to turn out our lights during part of this evening. 


 The Presence of Gaia by Josephine Wall

Consequently, I am making it a point to activate lights that I would otherwise leave off. After all, I’m not a big fan of religious holidays, and I certainly don’t submit to holidays honoring the earth goddess, Gaia. Everyone, fight the power! Embrace the light of truth!

Environmentalism takes advantage of humanity’s religious nature. Ever since the dawn of man, humans have realized the fallen nature of this world. That is why ancient cultures all sacrificed animals to the gods, and some of them even sacrificed human beings.

Eventually, Christianity arrived and conquered much of the globe. Christianity taught that animal sacrifice was no longer necessary — and effectively ended the practice. In fact, true Christianity condemns almost all efforts to sacrifice anything merely for the sake of sacrificing (Temporary fasting from food is about the only possible exception). But even in Christianized areas, many people either reject the gospel entirely or accept the gospel, but only in theory. Therefore, many deluded individuals still feel an emotional need to sacrifice something for their own “spiritual” benefit.

That is where environmentalism grabs hold of the individual. Deluded leftists feel unworthy of calling themselves righteous unless they give up something. For this reason, many recycling programs exist which actually consume more energy than they save. Paper and aluminum cans can be effectively recycled, but most other efforts are wasteful. They are the modern equivalent of animal sacrifice.

Or maybe these futile efforts are not entirely wasteful…After all, at least they soothe the leftist conscience.


My dreamgirl

So many people are ignorant of the fact that Congress has limited authority.

*Sigh* She’s already married. 😦

By the way, I can’t stand the people who say that you are a “rebel” or evil any time you oppose the government. The government derives its (limited) power from the People — as sanctioned by God — and when it exceeds that limited authority, the GOVERNMENT is the rebel.

George Washington was the upholder of civilization, not King George III.

Einstein reborn

(Originally posted on Myspace…a few minutes ago)

Well, here is the latest news. Obama still sucks. Also, Spring Break has come and gone. I went home to Franktown for a while and then visited Chris in Cincinnati. Finally, I have obtained a summer job with the Knoxville DA’s office. That should be exciting.

By the way, don’t you just hate those jackals who sit in class quietly, absorbing all the teacher’s information but never commenting? Yes, they know exactly what they’re doing. Then the final exam comes around and they get the best grades. Then they laugh in your face. These selfish individuals drift through life, easily managing to get by, but never sharing their wisdom with the world. They hoard their wisdom.

But I am far greater than those students of low character.

Indeed, I have so much wisdom to share with the world, but such limited time on this earth. I must therefore think faster, speak more eloquently, and persuade, and conquer! Thanks to WordPress, I will have improved capability to spread my message to the world!

I haven’t posted here in a while, partly because I was needed elsewhere last week. Also, I needed to write a paper about adverse possession. Now I am back.

Finally, the time has come! Fare well, Myspace! It’s been real. Follow me into the promiseland, my readers! Travel to the new, improved DREW BLOG at True brilliance awaits.


And to those who are here now, WELCOME ABOARD.

So much information

(Originally posted February 23, 2009)

Okay, so now you all are wondering, Drew, what gives? You said you were gonna post more! Well, my plan was to switch over to a better blog format, which would encourage me to post more often. This plan is underway. The task is taking slightly longer than anticipated, but I have already managed to transfer many of the old posts. I have about decided that the new location will be I’m not totally sure about the black and orange “Sunburn” theme, though, so feel free to comment.

My friend Scottie-J has recently suggested that I stop posting so much philosophical jibberish — and that I instead focus more energy on detailing experiences from my personal life. Scottie apparently found a few of my previous postings about my personal life somewhat hard to believe. Of course, everything I post here is 100% truth; otherwise, I wouldn’t post it. But I suppose there will always be scoffers.

But regarding my personal life…Unfortunately, singing “Never Gonna Give You Up” at MacLeod’s has probably been about the most exciting thing I’ve done lately. Now there is a good song. But sorry to disappoint all you gossip queens.

In particular, Scottie would prefer that I include more stories about my love life. But…surely readers would rather hear my analysis about Keynesian economics or the Cherokee Indians!

On Friday, I interviewed for a summer position with the Knoxville DA’s office. While I’m waiting to hear back, I guess maybe I should tone down my anti-establishment rhetoric a bit. Nah…

There has also been suggestion about making me a Craigslist personal ad for the purpose of finding some hot conservative babe. We’re still pondering this one. Scottie just seems to be full of great ideas lately.

In the UT student government, my air conditioning bill should come up for a vote tomorrow. Hopefully the commies won’t be able to block it. Of course, this situation merely proves that the eco-Marxists seek to bring hell to Earth.

The deadline to sign up for the upcoming student government election has almost arrived. I think I’m gonna sit this one out. As I have stated previously, politics is a soul-destroying profession. Best not to get too involved. Surely I can come up with something better to do with my time next year. If not…well, there’s a depressing thought.

Anyway, hopefully I can get the new blog up soon!



David posted,
“I think that Scottie might not know what the hell he is talking about. Philosophical gibberish is definitely the way to go. Who cares about your love life? What are we, women? And with regards to the student government: you could always try to set up some kind of “puppet regime” and get some well-liked moron to recite your speeches and enact your policies. Actually, that might destroy your soul even more than just running yourself, but I still think that it would be cool. I guess it doesn’t really matter. I’m actually surprised that your school even has that kind of thing because I don’t think that mine does. If it does, then they probably don’t do anything worthwhile.”
(02-24-2009, 3:43 am)

I posted,
“Excellent points, David, although hopefully the new blog format will allow more edification for *everyone* due to a higher quantity of posts.

And UPDATE: The air conditioning bill failed. Only got about 1/3 of the senators. Score one more point for the commies. This result makes me glad about my decision to move out of student government, though. I hate dealing with morons.

I think I may need to implement Juli’s suggestion, and organize a protest where we all wear white wife-beaters.”
(02-24-2009 7:40 pm)

Julianna posted,
“It’s true; my idea is THE BEST. Not only because it gets the message across to alot of people who won’t take the time to listen to you, but also because it’s humorous. We all need more humor in our lives. However, what I don’t understand is why these new rules don’t apply in the library? Apparantly, it has some sort of diplomatic immunity b/c on warm days-it’s freezing and on cold days-it’s like a sauna….STILL”
(03-20-2009, 12:08 pm)

Julianna posted,
“Also, people in relationships love to live vicariously through single people b/c relationships get boring. I mean when you spend 70% of time with the same person…what do you expect, after a while, you just know pretty much everything. And because you spend 70% of time with that person, you don’t really have any stories to tell them because….they were there when the story happened. And generally, you are pretty much obligated to do that unless you are in a relationship with a very independent person. Maybe, Scott should just start reading romance novels if he’s looking for romantic drama in his life. You could buy him one as a gift- again for the funny of it.”
(03-20-2009, 12:21 pm)

Historical analysis

(Originally posted February 06, 2009)

Yesterday in my Ownership and Justice class, we talked about the American Indians and how the white men took all their land. Actually, perhaps I should say that we took all the land, not “their” land. According to John Locke’s theory of property, the Indians (arguably) did not own the land at all — because they failed to cultivate it or even settle on it, for the most part.

Many people like to whine about how cruel the Americans were to the Indians, but I am mostly glad that we conquered them. Think about how crummy the Indian lifestyle was. This list essentially sums up all the Indians ever accomplished:  1) Hunting, 2) Taking drugs, 3) Wearing animal skins, 4) Worshipping trees and spirits, and 5) Making war against settlers and other tribes. Now, admittedly the hunting and animal skins were pretty cool. Nonetheless, a lack of serious agriculture, permanent settlement, and even private property would be a real drag.

I have heard Indian apologists make a big deal about Sequoyah and how he invented an alphabet for the Cherokees. All I can think is, Nice job catching up, Sequoyah; Now you’re only four thousand years behind the rest of civilization.

Liberals actually adore the Indians, of course, because the Indians embodied the liberal lifestyle. They were essentially communists. Holding land in common, the Indian citizens had no incentives to farm, produce anything of value, or even improve on business technology. Over time, this primitive lifestyle led to a severely deficient economy and the Indians’ eventual downfall.

But many people want to bring this lifestyle back.

One girl in my class suggested that perhaps the Indians made more efficient use of the land than the Europeans. If such were the case, I asked her, why were the Indians dirt poor? Moreover, how did we mop the floor with them on the battlefield if their lifestyle and economy were so superior? Recently, I saw the Battle of Horsehoe Bend portrayed on the History Channel, where Andrew Jackson completely devastated the band of one thousand Creek Indians that had almost killed my great-great-great-grandfather at Fort Mims. (Think how much worse off the world would be if he had perished.)

Liberals like to worship Gaia the earth goddess, and well…so did the Indians. The Indians were radical environmentalists. These original eco-marxists were the intellectual predecessors of Al Gore.

Many Indians also glorified various abnormalities such as transexuality. And, of course, the Indians down in Mexico also sacrificed humans. So overall, we have nothing to apologize for. The Indians did not own the land as property, their civilization was truly lame, and basically it was time for them to go.


(Originally posted February 06, 2009)


Welcome back, readers! My friend Chris just visited briefly from Cincinnati. That was exciting. I told him he should transfer to UT.

People sometimes ask me, “Drew, why don’t you post more frequently?” The simple answer is that true brilliance (like mine) only comes in spurts. But there is also a more complex answer:  The Myspace setup actually discourages me from making short posts. Because my profile only shows my last five writings, any short posts would quickly crowd out the lengthier, more brilliant ones.

But I have a solution. Myspace has irked me a bit lately; for example, they messed up some of my links a few weeks ago. Therefore, I am thinking about transferring The DREW BLOG to WordPress or Blogspot. That way I will feel better about mixing in some short, pertinent posts along with my lengthier sermons.

Also, readers without Myspace accounts should gain the ability to comment, and I can get away from the annoying technical errors of Myspace. These errors have gotten worse lately and signficantly slowed me down when I try to post.

Fallen star

(Originally posted January 17, 2009)

“How you have fallen from heaven,
O Morning Star, son of the dawn!
You have been cast down to the earth,
you who once laid low the nations!”
~ Isaiah 14:12

At the end of this long weekend, President Bush will finally step down from office. I have mixed feelings about the situation.

Although critics used to call Dick Cheney “Darth Vader,” President Bush is more deserving of that title. The president began his presidential career proclaiming virtuous ideals and fighting hard for principles. Sadly, he has betrayed most of those ideals and laregly destroyed his own conservative movement.

The Evil of Stimulus

Tragically, Bush’s seemingly innocent adoption of liberal rhetoric has been a tragic flaw. Although Bush embraced and popularized the phrase “economic stimulus” in recent years, that notion originates in liberal thought. To “stimulate the economy,” the government unnaturally distorts the market. Stimulation is all about debt and present spending. The government borrows money on your behalf, indebting you. Then the government either 1) gives you a “rebate” so you will spend the borrowed money, or 2) spends the money for you. Government-induced debt grows and mounts. Market forces have no control over the debt because the government has simply created it. Such an unnatural debt system cannot last forever. Right now, everyone in the country owes nine months’ income in debt. Debt makes people feel better now, but at the expense of their future well-being.

Early on, Bush began calling his tax cut plan a “stimulus package.” In conservative thought, tax policy should be about justice, not stimulus. Low taxes create incentives to work. Cutting taxes to levels of fairness is a noble goal, but Bush adopted the liberal rhetoric to pursue that goal. 

Adopting the enemy’s reasoning is a risky move. Only the only the strongest-willed, most firmly grounded individuals can adopt the reasoning of their enemies…without endangering their own souls. Eventually Bush began to believe his liberal rhetoric. He developed an intense faith in the government. He began to accept that the government must spend money to “stimulate” things, to make people feel better in the present. His fate was sealed.

Sure enough, true apostacy began about one year into Bush’s second term. In 2005, Bush decided to steal money from future generations so he could give out free medicines. His 2005 Medicare expansion gave prescription drugs to old people and to the poor. (Surprisingly, even the moderate John McCain considered this massive expenditure too reckless and voted against it.) The next year, President Bush began his unpopular crusade to grant amnesty to illegal aliens. By 2008, Bush was even signing off on Democrat-led tax cuts (The “Economic Stimulus Act”) that handed out checks to low-income people. Yes, many people received more money in “rebates” than they actually paid in taxes. Bush realized this situation, but he figured that at least those people would spend the money. Everyone would feel better for the time being. Soon, the “bailouts” began — with President Bush’s open support. The national debt nearly doubled from 2001-2008.

The Evil of Compassion

All these expenditures seemed like nice, “compassionate” gestures, but corrupted compassion leads to the Dark Side. The liberal religion revolves around “compassion.” Liberal compassion, though, differs from biblical virtue. Liberal compassion consists entirely of emotions. For example, a liberal sees a pitiful prisoner on death row and wants to help him. The liberal forgets about the prisoner’s past murders. Liberals simply feel. They usually have good intentions, but they focus primarily on emotions rather than wisdom.

Contrast liberal compassion with the virtue of Jesus. When Jesus roamed the desert, he met Satan, who offered to surrender the whole world to Jesus’s rule (Matthew 4:8-9). To complete the bargain, Christ would merely need to bow down and worship Satan. Jesus refused on moral grounds. If anyone offered a liberal such a deal, however, the liberal would likely imagine all the utopian possibilities in a world under his own control. Worshipping the devil would be the compassionate move.

At first glance, stealing money from taxpayers and giving it to other voters would seem immoral. Stealing from future generations through massive debt would also seem evil. The compassionate liberal tendency, however, ignores these quaint notions of morality. After all, if you only steal for the purpose of making others feel better, is your theft really wrong? Bush succombed to the temptation. He fully embraced his own rhetoric about “compassionate conservatism.” In the president’s own words, he “abandoned free-market principles to save the free-market system.” In so doing, Bush has become the infamous advocate of bank bailouts, car bailouts, bailouts in general, redistributive “tax cuts” for the poor, illegal immigration, and free medicine handouts.

The country can no longer afford Bush’s mistakes. His repeated betrayals have become indefensible. He has embarassed, confused, and crippled the conservative movement and the Republican Party. I have mixed feelings about the president’s departure only because I know Obama will embrace the evil religion of liberalism even further.

In Star Wars, Darth Vader helped hunt down and destroy the Jedi. Our well-intentioned president may as well have done the same to conservatives. His fall from heaven has been enormously tragic.




Jim posted,
“Very sad but true. Can the nation hold together for two years until voters wake up and cause Congress to change hands? I wonder.
(1-17-2009, 11:55 am)