Intelligent discussion

(Originally posted October 10, 2008)

Fall Break has arrived at the University of Tennessee, which calls for some relaxation. What better way to relax than to pass on various trinkets of wisdom to the great readers of the DREW BLOG? Yes, I realize that my blog has become even more political lately than normal. It is election time; get with the program. Anyway, let us look at some pressing issues:

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Economic Sabateurs

In our student senate at the University of Tennessee, the head of the campus communist party (a.k.a. “Students for a Just University”) has sponsored a bill. He asks that the new chancellor commit the school toward “sustainability” and fighting “climate change.”

As a practical matter, the proposal is rather pointless — because as far as I know, all of the chancellor candidates already support these bogus environmental schemes. But regardless, think about the proposal for just ten seconds: The economy is receding, and the Tennessee legislature just cut our university budget. We have been cutting costs and even cancelling various programs of study. In the face of all these budget problems, THE COMMUNISTS WANT US TO WASTE EVEN MORE MONEY TO FIGHT “GLOBAL WARMING.


My man John McCain made me proud at the second presidential debate. Many people said the debate was boring, but I truly thought McCain was passionate and superb (whereas Obama actually rambled during many of his answers). Despite McCain’s hippy-liberal record of fighting global warming, even he now admits that taxing smokestack industries during a recession would be suicide. As he pointed out, the last president to raise taxes during a recession was Herbert Hoover, in 1930. Rather, to fight the supposed problem of “climate change,” McCain argued for expanded nuclear power.



The terms “Pro-Life” and “Pro-Choice” are both stupid. I oppose abortion, but calling myself “Pro-Life” is misleading. A great many people in the world deserve to die. I would be happy to see them dead. Long-time readers of the DREW BLOG may remember my open celebration when Saddam Hussein met his end. I would similarly rejoice following the death of Osama bin Laden — or the death of any common murderer, actually. So in some ways, I am rather “Pro-Death.”

So I will try not to call myself “Pro-Life.” Rather, I am “Anti-Abortion. I am Anti-Abortion because I want to prevent mothers from killing their innocent babies. The government must uphold infants’ rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Similarly, I will now try my hardest never to use the term “Pro-Choice” to describe abortion advocates. Rather, they are “Pro-Abortion.” If I lived in 1860 and described Jefferson Davis, I would not call him “Pro-Choice” on the issue of slavery. That would be silly. He was Pro-Slavery, not Pro-Choice.

Similarly, Barack Obama is Pro-Abortion, not Pro-Choice. (Actually, he is Pro-Infanticide, but that’s another issue.) Technically, I am “pro-choice” when it comes to school vouchers, privitized Social Security, and the freedom to continue using incandescent light bulbs (which Democrats recently banned). Ultimately, the term “Pro-Choice” is just a vague euphemism that means nothing.



Sorting Out the Population

Lately I heard a new brilliant idea that would solve the country’s problems with socialism: The government should offer one million dollars to every socialistic loser in our society who agrees to leave the country. Yes, I know that 300,000,000 people live in America. I know that the proposal could theoretically cost as much as three trillion dollars. In practice, though, only the anti-American, unproductive lefties would accept the deal. Most of the the high-quality Americans would stay behind. Then we could reform the country and cut down on spending. In the long run, such a plan would actually be profitable.

“But Drew, you’re being mean! We can’t kick out all the liberals.” Actually, immigration regulations are designed to keep order within the country. Since World War II, we have barred Nazis and their sympathizers from immigrating to the United States. We have placed limits on people infected with AIDS.

Congressman Tom Tancredo has recently introduced legislation to bar advocates of Sharia (Islamic) law from immigrating to America. He’ll probably get called a racist — just like we were racist against Germans for barring Nazis. But who cares what the idiots think.



Julianna posted,
“1) lefties- is a term for left-handed people…and not all left-handed people are unproductive-DREW.

(2) if they kick the liberals outta the country, you’re gonna have to make new friends.

(3) you know i won’t listen to a thing you or any other man has to say about abortion unless that man is working to make sure women who have children have the support they need to be able to raise the child… which mostly entails making sure men stop begrudging their child support payments or start taking responsibility for making sure the pregnancy never happens. You DREW are against Welfare which includes WIC (Women, infants, and children) which is designed to support mothers and parents, in general, if their income is insufficient to feed their children. And as far as I know, you are also against mandated insurance, which, again, would protect children from their parents bad decisions/mistakes so that they could grow up and have that right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. You only want to protect children from a decision their mother makes when they are in utero, often before their nervous system has even formed, after that – when they have complete sensory perception, it’s like see-ya wouldn’t want to be ya,don’t want to help ya, sucks to be you. Under that ideology, you force people to have children who might go unfed and have no medical care . . . and we all go back to the days of Charles Dickens’ novels.

(4) Although I don’t agree with one thing you said, you’re a good writer.”
(10-10-2008, 6:03 pm)

I posted,
“You’re probably right about 2. 😉

It is true that I *slightly* exaggerated about libs being unproductive. But recent studies have shown that people paying zero income taxes overwhelmingly favor Barack Obama. And it is also true that Barack Obama’s “tax cut” will actually send money “back” to Americans who don’t even pay taxes! That is, he will “cut taxes” on 95% of Americans, whereas only 70% of Americans even pay income taxes.”
(10-11-2008, 12:13 am)

Chris posted,
“great post, man…especially on the slavery analogy. it really *is* the same principle…i mean, no one wanted to *force* people to own and oppress slaves, just to leave them the free *choice* of doing so if they were so inclined. so yeah, to hell with the pro-abortion arguments poorly disguised as defenses of liberty.

and like you mentioned, indeed, i’m definitely in a swing state…glad to be, too. and unlike last election at Rhodes, this time i’m actually registered in Ohio…so let’s drink to McCain & Palin’s victory! (cause i’d much rather have them than a turd sandwich any day lol)

oh, and on a last note, it’s time to give up on the temporary Facebook boycott, man…pretty sure they ain’t gonna change it back at this point! 😀 ”
(10-11-2008, 11:38 pm)


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