Winter update

(Originally posted January 03, 2009)

Well, Christmas Break is winding down now — oh, excuse me, I didn’t mean to be intolerant — Winter Break is winding down. Anyway, nothing of terrible importance has occurred lately. I have tried hard to chill-ax for most of the break.

For Christmas I got some fun stuff. I mostly received DVDs to begin watching when I soon finish the last season of the X-Files, as well as some clothes. Also, my brother got me a cool crowbar just like the one shown below.

Gordon Freeman from Half-Life,
armed with a crowbar to beat up aliens
and government stormtroopers

In the way of events, I saw Valkyrie last week. It was remarkably good. The lack of German accents bothered me for a little while, but after about twenty minutes, I got past that. Overall, the film included a great deal of suspense and political intrigue. Whereas many political or conspiracy movies confuse the audience, this one offered only a minimum of confusion, with a healthy dose of excitement.

I also saw The Day the Earth Stood Still. It was fairly solid movie about environmentalist aliens trying to destroy humanity. Actually, the film rather reminded me of an episode that I experienced a while back. Keanu Reeves was pretty cool. Of course, the propaganda aspect of the movie annoyed me somewhat. A great deal of evil exists in the world, but unfortunately, movie-makers only feel comfortable condemning the “sins” of pollution and killing endangered species. Soon, I should perform an exposé on the defunct state of “judgment” in our society!

I was planning on seeing The Spirit, but it got bad reviews so my friend Jeremy and I rented Sin City instead. We had never seen it. It was nice, in a rather hard-core sort of way.

Despite the dramatic global warming which is currently destroying our Earth**, ski resorts have experienced some of the best weather ever. To celebrate this horrible occasion, my dad and I went skiing a couple days ago in Indiana. I decided to try snowboarding a second time (I had already tried it for one day a few years prior.) My perseverence in the face of an initial beating by snow required Tylenol and caffeine. For the most part, I did get the hang of it after several hours, but now my whole body and head are sore. I still feel somewhat nauseous. Argh.

Anyway, not a whole lot else has gone on. We had a couple Christmas parties with friends and family, but mostly I’ve been relaxing. That is, I’ve been relaxing and also preparing my mad Starcraft fighting skillz for the upcoming battle for the galaxy. Anyway,

Happy New Year, Everyone!


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