So much information

(Originally posted February 23, 2009)

Okay, so now you all are wondering, Drew, what gives? You said you were gonna post more! Well, my plan was to switch over to a better blog format, which would encourage me to post more often. This plan is underway. The task is taking slightly longer than anticipated, but I have already managed to transfer many of the old posts. I have about decided that the new location will be I’m not totally sure about the black and orange “Sunburn” theme, though, so feel free to comment.

My friend Scottie-J has recently suggested that I stop posting so much philosophical jibberish — and that I instead focus more energy on detailing experiences from my personal life. Scottie apparently found a few of my previous postings about my personal life somewhat hard to believe. Of course, everything I post here is 100% truth; otherwise, I wouldn’t post it. But I suppose there will always be scoffers.

But regarding my personal life…Unfortunately, singing “Never Gonna Give You Up” at MacLeod’s has probably been about the most exciting thing I’ve done lately. Now there is a good song. But sorry to disappoint all you gossip queens.

In particular, Scottie would prefer that I include more stories about my love life. But…surely readers would rather hear my analysis about Keynesian economics or the Cherokee Indians!

On Friday, I interviewed for a summer position with the Knoxville DA’s office. While I’m waiting to hear back, I guess maybe I should tone down my anti-establishment rhetoric a bit. Nah…

There has also been suggestion about making me a Craigslist personal ad for the purpose of finding some hot conservative babe. We’re still pondering this one. Scottie just seems to be full of great ideas lately.

In the UT student government, my air conditioning bill should come up for a vote tomorrow. Hopefully the commies won’t be able to block it. Of course, this situation merely proves that the eco-Marxists seek to bring hell to Earth.

The deadline to sign up for the upcoming student government election has almost arrived. I think I’m gonna sit this one out. As I have stated previously, politics is a soul-destroying profession. Best not to get too involved. Surely I can come up with something better to do with my time next year. If not…well, there’s a depressing thought.

Anyway, hopefully I can get the new blog up soon!



David posted,
“I think that Scottie might not know what the hell he is talking about. Philosophical gibberish is definitely the way to go. Who cares about your love life? What are we, women? And with regards to the student government: you could always try to set up some kind of “puppet regime” and get some well-liked moron to recite your speeches and enact your policies. Actually, that might destroy your soul even more than just running yourself, but I still think that it would be cool. I guess it doesn’t really matter. I’m actually surprised that your school even has that kind of thing because I don’t think that mine does. If it does, then they probably don’t do anything worthwhile.”
(02-24-2009, 3:43 am)

I posted,
“Excellent points, David, although hopefully the new blog format will allow more edification for *everyone* due to a higher quantity of posts.

And UPDATE: The air conditioning bill failed. Only got about 1/3 of the senators. Score one more point for the commies. This result makes me glad about my decision to move out of student government, though. I hate dealing with morons.

I think I may need to implement Juli’s suggestion, and organize a protest where we all wear white wife-beaters.”
(02-24-2009 7:40 pm)

Julianna posted,
“It’s true; my idea is THE BEST. Not only because it gets the message across to alot of people who won’t take the time to listen to you, but also because it’s humorous. We all need more humor in our lives. However, what I don’t understand is why these new rules don’t apply in the library? Apparantly, it has some sort of diplomatic immunity b/c on warm days-it’s freezing and on cold days-it’s like a sauna….STILL”
(03-20-2009, 12:08 pm)

Julianna posted,
“Also, people in relationships love to live vicariously through single people b/c relationships get boring. I mean when you spend 70% of time with the same person…what do you expect, after a while, you just know pretty much everything. And because you spend 70% of time with that person, you don’t really have any stories to tell them because….they were there when the story happened. And generally, you are pretty much obligated to do that unless you are in a relationship with a very independent person. Maybe, Scott should just start reading romance novels if he’s looking for romantic drama in his life. You could buy him one as a gift- again for the funny of it.”
(03-20-2009, 12:21 pm)

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