Einstein reborn

(Originally posted on Myspace…a few minutes ago)

Well, here is the latest news. Obama still sucks. Also, Spring Break has come and gone. I went home to Franktown for a while and then visited Chris in Cincinnati. Finally, I have obtained a summer job with the Knoxville DA’s office. That should be exciting.

By the way, don’t you just hate those jackals who sit in class quietly, absorbing all the teacher’s information but never commenting? Yes, they know exactly what they’re doing. Then the final exam comes around and they get the best grades. Then they laugh in your face. These selfish individuals drift through life, easily managing to get by, but never sharing their wisdom with the world. They hoard their wisdom.

But I am far greater than those students of low character.

Indeed, I have so much wisdom to share with the world, but such limited time on this earth. I must therefore think faster, speak more eloquently, and persuade, and conquer! Thanks to WordPress, I will have improved capability to spread my message to the world!

I haven’t posted here in a while, partly because I was needed elsewhere last week. Also, I needed to write a paper about adverse possession. Now I am back.

Finally, the time has come! Fare well, Myspace! It’s been real. Follow me into the promiseland, my readers! Travel to the new, improved DREW BLOG at https://drewjustice.wordpress.com. True brilliance awaits.


And to those who are here now, WELCOME ABOARD.


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