Parties and pirates

Welcome back, readers!

So on Thursday I had my last meeting with the Graduate Student Senate. It will be nice to retire from student government once again. Later that night I ventured downtown to the one of the Sundown in the City free concerts. The band was called “Cowboy Mouth,” and they were fairly entertaining. Despite their name, they were only slightly country-ish.

Last night my roommates and I went to the Barrister’s Gala. It was relatively exciting. I made it a point to don my white suit.

In other news this week, the Somali pirates have declared war on American shipping. Apparently, we had no right to rescue our sailor, and they are furious that we did so. Haha, idiots.

Ron Paul has advocated that Congress start giving out “letters of marque” to private citizens, so citizens can hunt down pirates. If implemented, the plan would probably also offer bounties for the heads of pirates. Now wouldn’t that be fun! I could buy a ship and some rocket launchers, and become a PIRATE HUNTER. Dang, too bad the bill would never pass.


Lately, I’ve been examining the relationship between paganism, early Christian heresies, and political liberalism. Soon, I will have to enlighten you all with my findings.

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