Danger, danger!

So just a little while ago, three guys apparently ran through University of Tennessee dorms, robbing people with a gun. I’m not sure about the details, but from what I heard, they struck in Reese Hall. The culprits did not actually shoot anyone, but they did initially deprive some students of property. Ultimately, the police actually apprehended two of three criminals, but not the one with the gun.




I’ve talked in the past about how local criminals view college students as sitting ducks. We all live in the same general area, we walk to and from school, parties, restaurants, bars, etc. But perhaps most importantly, none of the students are armed!

In the past, I mentioned that robberies happen frequently in the Fort Sanders area. Within the past few couple weeks, we’ve had two robberies within a block of my residence. Last year, I even got an email about an armed robbery inside a school-owned apartment. Ooh, that was embarrassing

But now look at THIS. We’re getting robbed in our own dorms! Hahaha…it’s actually pretty funny if you think about it. Well, at least I’m laughing. I imagine probably no one else is, because I sometimes have an odd sense of humor.

Fortunately, we have genuinely smart legislators like Stacey Campfield working toward intelligent goals, like allowing guns in parks, and softening the restrictions on guns at college. Un-fortunately, Stacey is but a single man…and most of the other “leaders” in our state are idiots.

Oh Tennessee, Tennessee, when will you learn?

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