Summer’s arrival

Welcome back, readers! Sorry to post so little lately. Various vexations have tormented me lately — including exams. Now that those ridiculous things are over with, I can move on to more important matters like posting on the internet.

Over the weekend I briefly travelled back home to Franktown. I got to see the new Star Trek movie, which was mostly good — I say “mostly” only because the logical problems within time-travel stories always bother me to varying degrees. At the cheap theater, I also saw Gran Torino with Clint Eastwood, which was thoroughly entertaining.

Now that I’m back in Knoxville, I just started working over at the district attorney’s office. So far I’m still pumped to be there. As soon as they swear me in, I’m gonna start handing out life sentences left and right. Shoplifting? Life. Simple possession? Life. Trespassing? Try life without parole. Reckless driving? Well, I’ll probably have to go easy on that one since I myself sometimes have trouble.

Anyway, I still feel a tad worn out from exams, and from the end of the semester. But recently this quote from Clement of Alexandria inspired me:

Let temperance raise us as from the abyss beneath, to the enterprises of wakefulness. For the oppression of sleep is like death, which forces us into insensibility, cutting off the light by the closing of the eyelids.

Story of my life. Oh well, summer is here now. Time to party! I’ll try to keep the posts up more regularly now.


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