Brave new world

Alright, so I’m ready to get sworn in before the court tomorrow morning. After that, I’ll be the law in this here town. Don’t mess with me. I’ve already got one trial scheduled — either that, or the lady was joking when she handed me the file.

In other news, apparently scientists have just found a fossil of a big lemur, and it proves the reality of evolution. I learned this important news from an article that Google posted on the front of their search engine (with a picture) all day long. Yes, a big Lemur fossil. It really was that important.

I just learned a new dance tonight. It involves grabbing the girl’s back with both hands, kind of like a wrestling match. And then you jump around, kicking sideways back and forth. It was rather intriguing. I think I’ll probably stick with regular swing dancing, though, at least for the most part.

By the way, GET THIS:  I recently heard that some Koreans managed to clone GLOWING DOGS. How sweet is that? I want a glowing blue one. A glowing blue poodle would be the best. (I wouldn’t style him up though, because that’s girly. I would just let his curly poodle hair grow wild.) To get the dogs to glow, though, I’m not really sure if you have to hold them up a lamp first. That would kind of weaken the value of the glowing dog. After all, the sun goes down gradually over time — so the dog would lose its glowing power by the time the night got dark enough. I guess you could always charge the animal up inside, and then release it into the darkness.

What would be really cool, though, is a glowing parakeet. I want one of those. Or maybe a glowing pigeon.


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