So sad

The news has been really boring lately. Not only that, but various vexations have plagued my mind too much for me to write anything terribly insightful. Unfortunately, I have decided that caffeine and stress may have dissolved part of my brain. I will have to work on fixing the problem.

But regarding the news, like I said, things are mostly dull. When W. was president, you could always find some shrill communist blasting the government for every minor pecadillo. Now that we have the great leader Obama, everything remains tame.

Of course, there was one rather interesting story today:  Partial-birth abortion provider George Tiller got murdered while he was serving as an usher in his church. Whoever knows exactly what church would allow him to attend as a member, much less any sort of officer? Perhaps that matter has become moot, though, for George Tiller is no longer a member. He is dead.


With the lack of stories reporting on Obama’s socialist plunder of the nation’s wealth, I suppose now we will get to suffer through a few days of newscasters moping about the death of this brave hero. After all, he boldly “terminated” viable fetuses in spite of the public outcry of fanatics. Eventually, he suffered martyrdom for his heroic perseverence.

With Obama’s new Supreme Court nomination, Pro-Abortion politicians will attempt to politicize on George Tiller’s martyrdom. They will argue that all opponents of abortion are militant extremists. In response, we will probably hear Anti-Abortion groups distancing themselves from the vigilanteism and apologizing for the man’s death — as though it were some genuine tragedy.

But heck, let’s not distort justice by calling a good thing a tragic event. Despite the wrongness in how it happened, a wicked man is dead. That is, essentially, a positive development. We can mope about it and apologize for the actions of extremists for which we are not responsible — or we can rejoice.

“When the righteous prosper, the city rejoices,
When the wicked perish, there are shouts of joy.”
~ Proverbs 11:10

When gangsters kill each other off in shoot-outs, most citizens know better than to shed many tears. The same principle applies here. Good riddance, I say. Sometimes you just gotta live and let die.


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