Irate Iranians and the girly, dumb response

In the world of international relations, there are smart people, and then there are stupid people.

Iran just had an election. President Ahmadinejad got the most votes — only lots of the votes were from people who don’t exist. Supposedly fifty cities counted more votes than potential voters. Despite these irregularities, Iran announced within hours that Ahmadinejad had won re-election.

Now you might just be thinking, Oh well, it’s Iran; what did everyone expect?

But actually, Iran isn’t a complete dictatorship. They have a “Council of Guardians,” which is a group of ruling tyrants kind of like our Supreme Court. The “Supreme Leader” appoints half these Guardians, as well as numerous other high offices. Through the Guardians, the Supreme Leader makes sure that all the candidates he doesn’t like never get their names on the ballot.

But in this election, two candidates did get their names on the ballot, and the one who actually got the most votes was declared the loser. The Supreme Leader and the Guardians have lent their support toward the “winner,” President Ahmadinejad. That is just plain cheating.

Iranians have taken to the streets in protest over the rigged election. Freedom-loving people throughout the world extend sympathy toward them. You might expect the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave to do likewise, and at least condemn the tyranny. Just making a statement would be nice. It wouldn’t take a nuclear attack, or a war declaration, or even a trade sanction. Just get Hillary on television to say something along the lines of, “This is bad. We don’t like this. Stop being evil.”

But what does Obama do instead? Nothing, really. He claims that neither Iranian candidate was particularly stellar, so speaking out would be pointless. Now you see what I meant about the smart people and the…other people.

Even assuming Obama were 100% correct about the candidates, who cares? The candidates do not matter! You do whatever it takes to embarrass and weaken the Iranian regime! Arg. It doesn’t take a genius law student with a degree in International Studies from Rhodes College to figure this stuff out. Come on.

Sigh. What a wuss. These are the times I almost miss good ol’ W.


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