The saddest day of all

Nowadays, we have to worry about North Korea shooting nukes at us, about the government robbing our doctors, or about President Obama taxing us for breathing carbon dioxide. But none of that compares to the most recent tragedy. Michael Jackson has died suddenly and unexpectedly.


I always thought I could handle any calamity, but this is too much! Every eighties night on the radio, and every Halloween from now on, I will face the reminder of the brilliant star whose fire has finally burnt out. Sure, maybe Michael had too many surgeries, and maybe he acted a little weird, and yeah maybe he converted to Islam — but despite any of these pecadillos, he was still one of the greats. You cannot kill greatness.

Some of you may be wondering, But Drew, what about those allegations of his civil and criminal misconduct against young children?! But come on; let’s get serious:  We all know he was innocent.

We’ll miss you, Michael!


(Full narrative video here)

R.I.P. Michael Jackson


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