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I’ve temporarily taken over a new blog, so it’s distracting me a bit from my own blog. A Drew divided can still stand; he just can’t post as frequently. Anyway, if you need some more Drewishness, you might head over to and look at some of the recent posts.


By the way, I think this “Beer Summit” held by President Obama with the Jackass Cop and the Jackass Harvard Professor is pretty silly. First, whoever heard of beer being used as a peacemaking device? As far as I know, you’re supposed to drink with friends, and not with idiots who say mean things about you. Maybe I’ve just missed something, though.

Second, the situation was pretty clearly not about race. The police officer was investigating a 911 call, for crying out loud. And the professor was trying to break into the house, after all. The truth of the matter is, cops can be obnoxious to everyone, of all races. That’s what happens when you give one man a lot of power.

Third, Obama never has even apologized for calling someone a racist without knowing any facts about the situation.

And fourth — Bud Light? Come on, Mr. President…


Reading handwriting


I found this test off Yahoo that can supposedly predict your personality based on your handwriting. According to my handwriting…

1. (Tilt of letters) I tend to be logical and practical, for the most part, while remaining guarded with my emotions. Nonetheless, I also have a mild tendency to remain open to the world around me, and to socialize with others.

2. (Size of Letters) I have a big personality and tend to love the limelight.

3. (Breadth of L’s) I am spontaneous and relaxed, finding it easy to express myself.

4. (Breadth of E’s) For the most part, I have an open mind and like to try new things.

5. (Shape of S’s) I am intellectually probing and enjoy studying new things.

6. (Height of S’s) I am moderately ambitious, but not overly so.

7. (Openness of S’s) There is a minor possibility that I may not be following my true passions in life.

Anyway, kind of neat. Test yourself — if you dare!

End of the world

See, this is the kind of lunacy you get when you start giving girls boy names or even go so far as to give girl names to boys.

It’s been a whirlwind romance for the guy and gal who share the same name, and it all started with an innocent Facebook message.

“She started off ‘Hey, I saw we have the same name,and I thought it was kind of cool, Just wanted to say hi I guess. LOL,'” the male Kelly said.

Kelly the female, from Coral Springs, was curious to see profiles of people with the same name when she happened across Kelly the male in Lubbock, Texas.

Kelly and Kelly

Kelly and Kelly

Usually you see girls trying to steal boy names, but in some cases, you get some dumb guy trying to do the opposite. I shudder whenever I hear about a female “Drew,” however spelled. Arg, the moral breakdown!

“He’s even already got some mail coming in, and we have to open everything, because we don’t know whose mail is whose,” said female Kelly.

With Drew Justice, there can be only one. Fight the corruption:  Name your children right!

Sic semper tyrannis

Welcome back to the DREW BLOG, readers — where you can find 100% pure truth.

For those of you who may not have been paying much attention, Honduras recently experienced a military coup. Top generals overthrew the president. As far as I know, their actions did not lead to any violence, although they have exiled the president from the country. Upon hearing all this news, you may be thinking, “Oh, those cursed military pigs! What makes them think they can topple a democracy?” That’s what an uninformed individual might wonder.

But once you read a bit more about the situation, you learn that the president was a socialist. Not only was the president a leftist radical, but he was pushing for an additional term in office not authorized by the Honduran constitution. Since the constitution didn’t allow for an extra term, he planned to hold a referendum to decide whether he should get to stay in office longer. After the president’s ouster, the Honduran Congress elected the head of the Congress to replace him. The Honduran Supreme Court even praised the military’s actions.

So who are the people that want the president re-installed? Let’s see — Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, and…President Barack Obama. Surprise surprise. Commies always stick together.

From what I hear, the Honduran president is planning to re-enter Honduras tomorrow and attempt to retake control. The military claims it will arrest him if he re-enters.

This leads to your Drewish lesson of the day:  If you overthrow a tyrant, make sure to kill him. In these situations, mercy is for the weak.

When will governments learn? A president does not rule a democracy; he derives his authority from the people. A leader does not rule a republic either; he derives his authority from the law. In fact, a single leader does not even rule a traditional monarchy; rather, the monarch derives his authority from God. (And ideally, God should also govern republics and democracies by influencing their laws and citizens.)

The only government where a man himself actually rules is a godless tyranny, like China or Zimbabwe…or Honduras prior to this military coup.

The newly-installed leader has actually volunteered to step down from power — but only if the president also relinquishes his position.

In this case with Honduras, Obama is a fool. These generals are heroes. And if the Honduran tyrant re-enters the country, the generals should take him out for good.

Girly men expose themselves

I recently heard about a disturbing legislative development in Tennessee. Or perhaps you might call it a legislative stunting, meaning a failure of development:  My man Stacey Campfield’s “Baby Daddy” bill died in a state senate committee shortly before the end of the legislative session.

His bill would have helped remedy cases of paternity fraud in Tennessee. As it stands now, a woman can lie to a man about whether a child belongs to him. If he believes her and begins making child support payments, he is stuck making those payments until the child grows up.

Stacey Campfield wrote a bill to abolish this system, thereby allowing men to stop making payments if they learned (and proved) that the children belonged to some other man. His bill finally made it through the state House with our new Republican majority there. But in the state senate, the bill died.

Two Republican state senators voted against the reform. Worthless cowards. In case anyone cares, their names are Mike Faulk and Doug Overbey. But the fact that any men would be dumb enough to oppose the bill just shows how far our society has fallen.

For anyone who may be scientifically challenged, let me teach a short biology lesson. In situations of a promiscuous woman, sometimes the identity of a child’s father remains unclear without genetic testing. By contrast, the identity of a child’s mother is never in doubt. WE ARE NOT SEAHORSES. WE ARE HUMANS. Women have babies, not men! The only way to have confidence in a father’s identity is to 1) discourage promiscuity, 2) discourage paternity fraud, and 3) get genetic testing. Eliminating options 1 and 2 requires Option 3.

The current setup erodes trust between men and women.

Biological reality is one reason society values female virginity (or used to!) more strongly than male virginity. But what does the current Tennessee law do? It rewards a woman for not only cheating on her husband/partner, but then lying to him afterward about the identity of her child.

But now, when we get some sane man like Stacey Campfield who wants to reform the system, he gets shot down by the girly and whipped men in his own party.

The fools. May their genes perish with them!

Video from one of Stacey’s earlier, failed attempts to get the bill past Democrats in the state house

Mildly entertaining

Okay, so I was driving back from Franktown yesterday when I came across one of these bumper stickers:

wheres birth certificate

Presumably they bought it from WorldNetDaily. I found it somewhat amusing. Apparently someone also recently listed “Kenya” as Obama’s birth location on Wikipedia. 😉

Anyway, I was travelling through the deep jungles of South Alabama last week, vising my grandparents. I didn’t do anything terribly eventful. No alligators got killed or anything. But I did get to eat lots of fried oysters, and my family went to the beach for a couple days.

I tried this new kind of surfboard/boogie board type thing called a “sandboard.” It was supposed to be cool, but I couldn’t really get it to work. After falling into the hard and wet sand a few times, I began to get a little discouraged.

I saw Public Enemies, starring Johnny Depp. I recommend it. It’s kind of like Pirates of the Caribbean, except that Johnny Depp is even cooler and that the movie is way more serious. It also has the actor from Batman in it.

So ultimately, I haven’t had a whole lot of good internet access lately. Whatever you do, don’t ever buy a dial-up internet service from Juno. But now I’m back!

Sotomayor’s callous decision

sonia sotomayor

On facebook, I lately came across this story regarding Judge Sonia Sotomayor, Obama’s recent Supreme Court nominee. Apparently, Sotomayor threw out a murder defendant’s habeas corpus appeal based on a technicality, even though he had DNA evidence that essentially exonerated him. As a result of her decision, he had to stay in prison for six more years — before finally being freed by Project Innocence and a newly-elected District Attorney.

Despite Sotomayor’s rhetoric, her ruling in my case showed a callous disregard for the real-life implications of her rulings. She opted for procedure over fairness and finality of conviction over accuracy.

That’s certainly some “empathy” from Sotomayor. Seriously, what a lame Supreme Court nominee. Not only does she embrace judicial activism, rejecting the actual text and history of the Constitution, but even the one virtue that she does tout, “empathy,” turns out to be a sham. What good is she?

Heh, I wonder if Deskovic would’ve received a more empathetic response from Sotomayor if he had been a Mexican female.