Sotomayor’s callous decision

sonia sotomayor

On facebook, I lately came across this story regarding Judge Sonia Sotomayor, Obama’s recent Supreme Court nominee. Apparently, Sotomayor threw out a murder defendant’s habeas corpus appeal based on a technicality, even though he had DNA evidence that essentially exonerated him. As a result of her decision, he had to stay in prison for six more years — before finally being freed by Project Innocence and a newly-elected District Attorney.

Despite Sotomayor’s rhetoric, her ruling in my case showed a callous disregard for the real-life implications of her rulings. She opted for procedure over fairness and finality of conviction over accuracy.

That’s certainly some “empathy” from Sotomayor. Seriously, what a lame Supreme Court nominee. Not only does she embrace judicial activism, rejecting the actual text and history of the Constitution, but even the one virtue that she does tout, “empathy,” turns out to be a sham. What good is she?

Heh, I wonder if Deskovic would’ve received a more empathetic response from Sotomayor if he had been a Mexican female.


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