Mildly entertaining

Okay, so I was driving back from Franktown yesterday when I came across one of these bumper stickers:

wheres birth certificate

Presumably they bought it from WorldNetDaily. I found it somewhat amusing. Apparently someone also recently listed “Kenya” as Obama’s birth location on Wikipedia. ūüėČ

Anyway, I was travelling through the deep jungles of South Alabama last week, vising my grandparents. I didn’t do anything terribly eventful. No alligators got killed or anything. But I did get to eat lots of fried oysters, and my family went to the beach for a couple days.

I tried this new kind of surfboard/boogie board type thing¬†called a “sandboard.” It was supposed to be cool, but I couldn’t really get it to work. After falling into the hard and wet sand a few times, I began to get a little discouraged.

I saw Public Enemies, starring¬†Johnny Depp. I recommend it. It’s kind of like Pirates of the Caribbean, except that Johnny Depp is even cooler and that the movie is way more serious. It also has the¬†actor from Batman in it.

So ultimately, I haven’t had a whole lot of good internet access lately. Whatever you do, don’t ever buy a dial-up internet service from Juno. But now I’m back!


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