Girly men expose themselves

I recently heard about a disturbing legislative development in Tennessee. Or perhaps you might call it a legislative stunting, meaning a failure of development:  My man Stacey Campfield’s “Baby Daddy” bill died in a state senate committee shortly before the end of the legislative session.

His bill would have helped remedy cases of paternity fraud in Tennessee. As it stands now, a woman can lie to a man about whether a child belongs to him. If he believes her and begins making child support payments, he is stuck making those payments until the child grows up.

Stacey Campfield wrote a bill to abolish this system, thereby allowing men to stop making payments if they learned (and proved) that the children belonged to some other man. His bill finally made it through the state House with our new Republican majority there. But in the state senate, the bill died.

Two Republican state senators voted against the reform. Worthless cowards. In case anyone cares, their names are Mike Faulk and Doug Overbey. But the fact that any men would be dumb enough to oppose the bill just shows how far our society has fallen.

For anyone who may be scientifically challenged, let me teach a short biology lesson. In situations of a promiscuous woman, sometimes the identity of a child’s father remains unclear without genetic testing. By contrast, the identity of a child’s mother is never in doubt. WE ARE NOT SEAHORSES. WE ARE HUMANS. Women have babies, not men! The only way to have confidence in a father’s identity is to 1) discourage promiscuity, 2) discourage paternity fraud, and 3) get genetic testing. Eliminating options 1 and 2 requires Option 3.

The current setup erodes trust between men and women.

Biological reality is one reason society values female virginity (or used to!) more strongly than male virginity. But what does the current Tennessee law do? It rewards a woman for not only cheating on her husband/partner, but then lying to him afterward about the identity of her child.

But now, when we get some sane man like Stacey Campfield who wants to reform the system, he gets shot down by the girly and whipped men in his own party.

The fools. May their genes perish with them!

Video from one of Stacey’s earlier, failed attempts to get the bill past Democrats in the state house


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