Sic semper tyrannis

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For those of you who may not have been paying much attention, Honduras recently experienced a military coup. Top generals overthrew the president. As far as I know, their actions did not lead to any violence, although they have exiled the president from the country. Upon hearing all this news, you may be thinking, “Oh, those cursed military pigs! What makes them think they can topple a democracy?” That’s what an uninformed individual might wonder.

But once you read a bit more about the situation, you learn that the president was a socialist. Not only was the president a leftist radical, but he was pushing for an additional term in office not authorized by the Honduran constitution. Since the constitution didn’t allow for an extra term, he planned to hold a referendum to decide whether he should get to stay in office longer. After the president’s ouster, the Honduran Congress elected the head of the Congress to replace him. The Honduran Supreme Court even praised the military’s actions.

So who are the people that want the president re-installed? Let’s see — Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, and…President Barack Obama. Surprise surprise. Commies always stick together.

From what I hear, the Honduran president is planning to re-enter Honduras tomorrow and attempt to retake control. The military claims it will arrest him if he re-enters.

This leads to your Drewish lesson of the day:  If you overthrow a tyrant, make sure to kill him. In these situations, mercy is for the weak.

When will governments learn? A president does not rule a democracy; he derives his authority from the people. A leader does not rule a republic either; he derives his authority from the law. In fact, a single leader does not even rule a traditional monarchy; rather, the monarch derives his authority from God. (And ideally, God should also govern republics and democracies by influencing their laws and citizens.)

The only government where a man himself actually rules is a godless tyranny, like China or Zimbabwe…or Honduras prior to this military coup.

The newly-installed leader has actually volunteered to step down from power — but only if the president also relinquishes his position.

In this case with Honduras, Obama is a fool. These generals are heroes. And if the Honduran tyrant re-enters the country, the generals should take him out for good.


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