Reading handwriting


I found this test off Yahoo that can supposedly predict your personality based on your handwriting. According to my handwriting…

1. (Tilt of letters) I tend to be logical and practical, for the most part, while remaining guarded with my emotions. Nonetheless, I also have a mild tendency to remain open to the world around me, and to socialize with others.

2. (Size of Letters) I have a big personality and tend to love the limelight.

3. (Breadth of L’s) I am spontaneous and relaxed, finding it easy to express myself.

4. (Breadth of E’s) For the most part, I have an open mind and like to try new things.

5. (Shape of S’s) I am intellectually probing and enjoy studying new things.

6. (Height of S’s) I am moderately ambitious, but not overly so.

7. (Openness of S’s) There is a minor possibility that I may not be following my true passions in life.

Anyway, kind of neat. Test yourself — if you dare!


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