I’ve temporarily taken over a new blog, so it’s distracting me a bit from my own blog. A Drew divided can still stand; he just can’t post as frequently. Anyway, if you need some more Drewishness, you might head over to www.PursuingHoliness.com and look at some of the recent posts.


By the way, I think this “Beer Summit” held by President Obama with the Jackass Cop and the Jackass Harvard Professor is pretty silly. First, whoever heard of beer being used as a peacemaking device? As far as I know, you’re supposed to drink with friends, and not with idiots who say mean things about you. Maybe I’ve just missed something, though.

Second, the situation was pretty clearly not about race. The police officer was investigating a 911 call, for crying out loud. And the professor was trying to break into the house, after all. The truth of the matter is, cops can be obnoxious to everyone, of all races. That’s what happens when you give one man a lot of power.

Third, Obama never has even apologized for calling someone a racist without knowing any facts about the situation.

And fourth — Bud Light? Come on, Mr. President…


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