Late last week, I ended my job with the DA’s Office, and now I’m about to start school again. School technically starts tomorrow (Wednesday), but I don’t have any classes on Wednesdays! Rock on! And none on Fridays either! Yeah!

Anyway, now that I’m done with the DA’s Office, I thought I might comment on this recent case involving someone who shot the red light cameras in Knoxville. A judge has dismissed his case because police searched his car without permission or warrant.

When I first heard about this guy getting arrested, I thought it was hilarious. Like most people, I have always hated those cameras and the authoritarian ideology they embody. I privatedly applauded this man for shooting the cameras. And guess what:  I still feel the same way! This man was a hero. We need more activists like him to throw cogs in the wheels of tyranny.

By my observations, the city of Knoxville actually seems to be in the process of removing those accursed cameras. And for good reason, too. Think about it:  If you are the type of idiot who plows through a red light at 50 mph due to carelessness (or drunkenness), is a camera really going to stop you? The only people these cameras will stop are the people who might spend an extra second or two monopolozing the intersection after the light turns red. BIG DEAL. Meanwhile, the camera increases neurosis among the law-abiding drivers. Every time the camera flashes, they wonder, Whoa, was it taking my picture? At least that’s how I usually feel when the light goes off. And unlike a regular ticket, you have to wait weeks and check your mail every day to make sure that you are actually in the clear.

knoxville camera

So yeah, I hate those things. I’m glad the man shot them. Yes, vandalism is usually wrong…blah  blah blah. But he did not actually hurt anyone. So good for him, and I’m glad he got off. And I’m also glad Knoxville finally seems to be getting enough sense to remove these cameras. May they now rot in a dump somewhere.

So with all that said, I am now getting ready for school to start back. I guess I could theoretically be doing something more productive right now, like reading my assignments for the first class, but whatever.

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