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Three nightmares

I was a little low on sleep yesterday, but I at least managed to get to bed at a decent time once the day was over. Last night, though, I had three rather strange dreams.

1. I was wandering around my yard in Franklin, having no trouble at all. Eventually, I went back inside. At that point, my Dad noticed that a brown recluse was on my back and that it had already bitten me. At that point, I woke up while jumping out of bed.

2. Later, I was being chased by zombies inside a rather large and dark facility. Eventually, my younger brother went crazy for some reason and jumped out a high window. I didn’t see for sure if he died, but I suspected that he probably did. Then I woke up.

3. Later, I was listening to Mark Levin on the radio. He was moaping because the Democrats had just passed socialized health care. He couldn’t understand how such a thing was possible, especially after all the effort he and other conservatives had thrown into stopping the bill. Then I woke up.



And now today, my laptop keyboard broke around lunch time. Fortunately, I have the computer lab to post from. I think, though, that these events might be a harbinger of doom. Or perhaps I should just cut back again on coffee.


Earthly conquest

The other day, I heard a real estate commercial on the radio. The company was selling homes in a new neighborhood somewhere near Knoxville, with a lake and all kinds of exotic surroundings. Hallerin Hilton Hill was doing the narration for the commercial. At one point, he bragged that these houses were engineered to be “in perfect harmony with nature.” At that point, I was instantly turned off from buying the home.

Should we just start living in the forest now, under trees? Or sleep out in a field under the stars? Wouldn’t that be true “harmony”?

God blessed them and said to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air and over every living creature that moves on the ground.” Genesis 1:28

Humans are not supposed to live in harmony with nature. Humans conquer nature. Any time I do not sufficiently conquer nature, I start to worry that I am not fulfilling my duty as a human being. Why would anyone want to spend money on a house that is in perfect harmony with nature?

future city

You may be wondering, “You’re right, Drew! How can I do my part to conquer nature?” Here are a few easy steps you can take:

1. Make sure to eat at least a little meat every single day. Always remember that animals do not have souls.

2. Leave the lights on when you leave any room. “Carbon footprints” are key to subduing the earth. Driving multiple large cars around in the city can also be helpful, especially if you drive above the speed limit, although gas prices may become a limiting factor.

3. Do not buy any homes from that real estate company I mentioned in the first paragraph.

4. When you find any bug inside your house, try to avoid peacefully transporting it outdoors. Yes, some bugs are cuter than others, and you may need to spare some of the better bugs, but remember that they are soulless animals. As a general rule, aim to kill them.

5. Make every effort to avoid recycling.

These are just some helpful tips for subduing the earth, off the top of my head. Now let’s all go out and live like human beings.

The hysteria over Joe Wilson’s outburst

Ever since Obama’s latest MAJOR SPEECH on health care “reform,” the AP-Obama and Yahoo news have been going out of their way to attack Rep. Joe Wilson of South Carolina. Wilson briefly yelled out his opposition during Obama’s televised speech. Specifically, right after Obama condemned (as spouting falsehoods) anyone who predicted that his socialized healthcare would give medicine to illegal aliens, Wilson shouted out in response, “You lie!”


So now, every time I log onto the internet (Yahoo is my homepage…for now), I see another idiotic AP story declaring Joe Wilson horribly wrong about Obama (in reality, he was right), and predicting that Wilson will surely pay for his grossly foolish outburst. Journalists keep going out of their way to mention how much money Joe Wilson’s upcoming congressional opponent has raised from Americans…supposedly outraged at his intense disrespect.

I don’t recall the AP maintaining this outrage when that Iraqi jackass threw shoes at President Bush (who, by the way, handled that obnoxious situation in a remarkably suave and charming manner). Rather, many of the reporters seemed outright happy about the shoe-thrower.

So after hearing about how the Daily Kos and Leftists from around the country have started pouring money into the campaign of Joe Wilson’s opponent, I went ahead and donated a small amount to the Wilson campaign. I don’t have money simply to throw around, but this type of bold behavior should be rewarded in America — not punished. One conservative commenter on the article at Hot Air stated the following:

Personally I welcome the day when our legislators act like British parliamentarians with jeers and catcalls for the leaders of each side. It would be better than all of the backscratching and fake “My friend from the other side of the aisle” BS we have now.

We don’t have to turn into Taiwan, with fistfights and chairs being thrown all the time, but we would all be better off if our legislators would call out blatant lies by the other side on C-SPAN for all to see.

I agree completely. All this “My friend” garbage makes me sick. And just think about how entertaining C-SPAN might become if all the Republicans became like Joe Wilson!

Some of you may wonder, But Drew! Just imagine the chaos if the Democrats acted in such an UNCIVIL manner when YOUR president was in charge. We cannot tolerate this INTENSE DISRESPECT! But I don’t have to imagine anything, because Republicans routinely tolerate this type of behavior (and far worse) from Democrats all the time. I just wish more Republicans would respond the way Joe Wilson did — but perhaps without feeling the need to apologize afterward for their “incivility.” Republicans need to stop referring to communists as “My friend and colleague” and start referring to them as “My hated enemy.” Ann Coulter once summed up the situation quite succinctly:

Republicans are always accused of being sharks; I wish they’d rise to the level of minnows.

rosey red minnows

And overall, I think this Leftist tactic of going after outspoken conservative congressmen is a losing strategy. The socialists have already tried this tactic with Michele Bachmann for the past year, and their attacks have merely enhanced her celebrity. To me, this situation kinda reminds me of the Iraq War. Just like Iraq attracted all the terrorists from around the world into one small, foreign location — where we could slaughter them — now some of the bravest Republican congressmen are attracting Leftist dollars from around the country into their own districts, where those dollars will ultimately be wasted.

Of course, some of you may be wondering, But Drew, why on earth would you keep using a lame website like as your browser home page? That’s a very good question! Even the Yahoo search engine is weak compared to google. And all its news articles on the front page are straight from the Democrat handbook. Even Yahoo’s free email accounts are inferior to gmail. Some conservative ought to organize a boycott or something.

Pointless entertainment

Unfortunately, the long weekend has ended. Fortunately, I only have two days of school this week! And one of them was today! I didn’t really do a huge amount over the weekend. Thursday night, we had Sachin’s birthday party at a restaurant in the Old City. On Friday, I visited Scott County to pick up some trial court files for one of my clients whom the state is persecuting.

On Saturday, I saw District 9 with my roommate, and that movie was pretty awesome. At first, I was getting antsy because it seemed sort of like a liberal satire about the Palestinians or something lame like that. But eventually, the movie picked up, and it turned out to be a pretty sweet sci-fi action movie with a rather creative storyline. And they even did it without having to blow any money on hot-shot star actors. So yeah, pretty neat.

On Sunday, I finally checked out the college Sunday school at Concord Baptist. It seemed pretty well set-up, and the people were relatively friendly.


Later that Sunday night, I watched the fireworks for the Boomsday festival which occurs every Labor Day in Knoxville. I climbed up on top of an academic building so I had a fairly good view. I do not believe my location was technically allowed, but no one has to know. My roommates would not come along because they were being lame. Of course, I partly felt bad going to the fireworks, realizing that Labor Day is a communist holiday and that Knoxville spends more money on these fireworks than most cities spend on Independence Day. But then I resolved these doubts by understanding something:  Fun is almost the antithesis of communism.

When you talk to communists, they are not fun. For example, I met this insanely liberal chick at Sachin’s party who simply could not get over the fact that I disagreed with her. People like this will pretty much intentionally sabotage their own lives merely to serve their own screwy philosophy. Liberals just like to pretend that they have fun because they like to have random sex and do drugs, but in reality, liberals only perform these activities to help themselves  cope with their internal misery. They actually despise anyone who is truly happy. I have already documented the liberal tendency toward self-hatred.

So coming to this realization, I understood that pointlessly exploding bombs high in the air is almost the antithesis of Leftist ideology. (The pure Leftist would more naturally critique the firework expenditure, and wonder about all the poor people he might have given handouts to with that same money.) Later, I could just imagine — and smile — at the environmentalist disgust over the smoke cloud covering downtown Knoxville after the twenty-six minute show. And so as I watched the booming, brilliant explosions, I was glad…and simply felt thankful that I was not a bird flying up above the Henley Street bridge.

Then I went back home and played low-stakes poker for several hours with my roommates — which was similarly pointless entertainment because I think we all pretty much broke even by the time we finished. Then the next day, Monday, I pretended to do homework but mostly just goofed off because I did not have much pressing homework. I made sure to go to Ho Ho for supper, which is a good Chinese restaurant on the UT strip.

By the way, I found this pretty cool website:
Anyone who needs something to goof off with in class or whatever may wish to check it out.