Pointless entertainment

Unfortunately, the long weekend has ended. Fortunately, I only have two days of school this week! And one of them was today! I didn’t really do a huge amount over the weekend. Thursday night, we had Sachin’s birthday party at a restaurant in the Old City. On Friday, I visited Scott County to pick up some trial court files for one of my clients whom the state is persecuting.

On Saturday, I saw District 9 with my roommate, and that movie was pretty awesome. At first, I was getting antsy because it seemed sort of like a liberal satire about the Palestinians or something lame like that. But eventually, the movie picked up, and it turned out to be a pretty sweet sci-fi action movie with a rather creative storyline. And they even did it without having to blow any money on hot-shot star actors. So yeah, pretty neat.

On Sunday, I finally checked out the college Sunday school at Concord Baptist. It seemed pretty well set-up, and the people were relatively friendly.


Later that Sunday night, I watched the fireworks for the Boomsday festival which occurs every Labor Day in Knoxville. I climbed up on top of an academic building so I had a fairly good view. I do not believe my location was technically allowed, but no one has to know. My roommates would not come along because they were being lame. Of course, I partly felt bad going to the fireworks, realizing that Labor Day is a communist holiday and that Knoxville spends more money on these fireworks than most cities spend on Independence Day. But then I resolved these doubts by understanding something:  Fun is almost the antithesis of communism.

When you talk to communists, they are not fun. For example, I met this insanely liberal chick at Sachin’s party who simply could not get over the fact that I disagreed with her. People like this will pretty much intentionally sabotage their own lives merely to serve their own screwy philosophy. Liberals just like to pretend that they have fun because they like to have random sex and do drugs, but in reality, liberals only perform these activities to help themselves  cope with their internal misery. They actually despise anyone who is truly happy. I have already documented the liberal tendency toward self-hatred.

So coming to this realization, I understood that pointlessly exploding bombs high in the air is almost the antithesis of Leftist ideology. (The pure Leftist would more naturally critique the firework expenditure, and wonder about all the poor people he might have given handouts to with that same money.) Later, I could just imagine — and smile — at the environmentalist disgust over the smoke cloud covering downtown Knoxville after the twenty-six minute show. And so as I watched the booming, brilliant explosions, I was glad…and simply felt thankful that I was not a bird flying up above the Henley Street bridge.

Then I went back home and played low-stakes poker for several hours with my roommates — which was similarly pointless entertainment because I think we all pretty much broke even by the time we finished. Then the next day, Monday, I pretended to do homework but mostly just goofed off because I did not have much pressing homework. I made sure to go to Ho Ho for supper, which is a good Chinese restaurant on the UT strip.

By the way, I found this pretty cool website:  http://mylifeisaverage.com.
Anyone who needs something to goof off with in class or whatever may wish to check it out.


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