Earthly conquest

The other day, I heard a real estate commercial on the radio. The company was selling homes in a new neighborhood somewhere near Knoxville, with a lake and all kinds of exotic surroundings. Hallerin Hilton Hill was doing the narration for the commercial. At one point, he bragged that these houses were engineered to be “in perfect harmony with nature.” At that point, I was instantly turned off from buying the home.

Should we just start living in the forest now, under trees? Or sleep out in a field under the stars? Wouldn’t that be true “harmony”?

God blessed them and said to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air and over every living creature that moves on the ground.” Genesis 1:28

Humans are not supposed to live in harmony with nature. Humans conquer nature. Any time I do not sufficiently conquer nature, I start to worry that I am not fulfilling my duty as a human being. Why would anyone want to spend money on a house that is in perfect harmony with nature?

future city

You may be wondering, “You’re right, Drew! How can I do my part to conquer nature?” Here are a few easy steps you can take:

1. Make sure to eat at least a little meat every single day. Always remember that animals do not have souls.

2. Leave the lights on when you leave any room. “Carbon footprints” are key to subduing the earth. Driving multiple large cars around in the city can also be helpful, especially if you drive above the speed limit, although gas prices may become a limiting factor.

3. Do not buy any homes from that real estate company I mentioned in the first paragraph.

4. When you find any bug inside your house, try to avoid peacefully transporting it outdoors. Yes, some bugs are cuter than others, and you may need to spare some of the better bugs, but remember that they are soulless animals. As a general rule, aim to kill them.

5. Make every effort to avoid recycling.

These are just some helpful tips for subduing the earth, off the top of my head. Now let’s all go out and live like human beings.

5 Responses to “Earthly conquest”

  1. 1 Alex Costa September 28, 2009 at 8:41 am

    Man your’re funny! You’re so far away form reality that you made me laugh. You really think there’s no limits to growth? You know I think agent Smith of the movie Matrix was right in comparing us to a virus.
    A virus thinks exactly like you… until is too late…

  2. 2 Wintery Knight October 1, 2009 at 6:35 pm

    I only get part marks for this, but I agree with subduing nature. I think it is better to tame animals than eat them, but eating them is fun too.

    1) I eat meat every day. Yummy! J.P. Moreland says animals have souls that die when they die.

    2) I drive a roadster way over the speed limit. Big cars are hard to turn.

    3) I will not buy homes from people who think that environmentalism is a good substitute for traditional morality.

    4) I like ladybugs, because they don’t try to get away. I kill everything else after trying to shoo them out first. I kill all spiders and house centipedes.

    5) I NEVER recycle. Cans go in the garbage.

    Here’s a lecture for you from Jay Richards on how Christians should think about the environment.

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

  3. 3 Alex Costa October 2, 2009 at 10:25 am

    1) I also eat meat, though I respect vegans.

    2) I drive an economic petrol car. Because: I’m not rich, a car is just a car, there are more important things on which I can spend money, petrol is very expensive in Europe and I want a low carbon footprint.

    3) No comment…

    4) Well what is the point to kill just because?! Hunting in Portugal already led to the extinction of some species in the past… not logical… aren’t animals creatures of God?!, we should at least respect them, not act like maniacs… You’re comment made me laugh because you reminded me of a South Park episode on which the pun line was “It’s coming right for us!” and then they shoot the animal 🙂 (I’m a South Park fan)

    5) Ok… Wintery… stay with me on this. The Earth has a finite mass, right? yes… now therefore the minerals it contains are also finite! What happens to the garbage if recycling is not an option? It goes to a landfill or get incenerated and we forget all about it! Are you with me?… this is a process in a straight line “extracction to waste”, this is not a cicle like everything else… You can guess already that one day when the resources are exausted you will have to resort to recycling garbage in order to get the materials you need.

    But then you say: “Earth is so big that it would take millions of years for that to happen”… well no for 2 reasons; 1st: We are extracting 15 million tones/year of copper (example) and this number is increasing year by year on a near exponential function. That would be true if we only take one ton of it… just to through in a number.

    But then you reply: “You see! Although doomers have said in the past that we would soon be exausted, mineral extraction is still increasing year by year.”

    Well yes! So did prices of minerals increased since roughly 2005, and mineral densities lowered from past concentrations. This only shows that our techniques for extracting minerals have improved and the price we are willing to pay for this more costly techniques has increased.

    and the fact that mineral extration is increasing exponentialy will leed to a sooner rather than later exaustion!

    Exponential fuction will always hit a limit on a finite world… (even with recycling) this is pure math and pure physics (you can’t create matter from nothing).

  4. 4 Drew October 2, 2009 at 9:55 pm

    @Wintery — Animals having temporary souls is an interesting idea. I’m reading a book now called “Intellect” which tries to prove human souls and disprove animal souls, but I might try to look into that other idea afterward.

    @Alex — I despise veganism, and just barely tolerate veggie-people most of the time. I view these people as modern monks, and there’s nothing I hate more than a monk.

    Also, recycling is a waste of wealth ( If recycling were actually useful for society, someone would be willing to pay me a significant amount of money to do it. If we ever get to the day when copper or any other resource ever starts to run out, then the high price of copper may encourage people to recycle copper. But until that ever happens, recycling will remain a waste. And not only will prices help us control our of resources, but I also have faith in human ingenuity to continue improving technology such that we do not run out of these resources. See, e.g.,

  5. 5 Alex Costa October 6, 2009 at 3:33 am

    Did you know that everytime copper rises in price there’s also a jump in copper cabling theft? Indeed what you say is true… rising prices of metals cause the regular guy to “recycle” because he can make a buck. Yes we should be paid for recycling.

    As to oil, that is merely your opinion. I have been studying peak oil problem for 2 years and one of my conclusions is that you can’t ask the opinion to an economist, they don’t have any scientific basis to comment on a geologic matter. I’m no doomer, I just think we have to find alternative energies.

    Just something to think about: If you can relate the amount of energy needed to extract, say, 1Kg of copper in 1909 and the energy needed today for the same amount. I bet the relation between energy needed per Kg of metal extracted along the decades would be a nightmare… but that’s just my guess…

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